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First page first, not last page first
herostew at 8:58AM, May 22, 2007
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How do I make the first page come up FIRST when people click my comic title, rather than the last.
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skoolmunkee at 9:34AM, May 22, 2007
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Well, there's no way to make Drunk Duck do that automatically. The idea is that people who visit your comic have been reading along, and don't want to have to click around trying to get to the most recent page, which they haven't read yet.

However, you could activate the homepage, and then in the homepage's code (you can edit it through the comic's control panel) link to the first page rather than let it automatically display the most recent page. That means though that any time anyone visits your page, they always see the first page first. (Which regular readers usually don't want. It kind of looks like you never update.) They'd have to click “Latest” to see the most recent page.

If you want folks to start at page 1, maybe you could make up a nice graphic saying “first time visitor? Be sure to start on the first page!” and insert that graphic as a link on your comic's page. When you had the graphic, you'd upload it to DrunkDuck. Then you'd put a bit of code like this in the template code:

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Locoma at 5:22PM, May 22, 2007
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kennedy made a useful guide to what you're asking for some time ago, here's the link:
check it out
description by kennedy “This is a simple script that will make people go to your FIRST comic instead of your most RECENT comic when they go to your front page. ”
But Skoolmunkee idea is useful too, this can be annoying if you're checking the site for updates
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