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fitting comic and comments to screen/page?
franklen at 9:38AM, Dec. 13, 2006
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Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere, but couldn't find the forum search if there is one. Anyway, is there a way to view the comics “fit to screen” for lack of better description? When I click from page to page, each one is so big that I have to scroll to view the entire page, I'd rather just have it fit all on one page even if it is smaller, and I decide if I want to enlarge it or not. My other suggestion would be to have two columns, with the comic panel/page on the left and the comments scrolling on the right, the whole length of each page, both comic and comments, seems unwieldly. Thanks, enjoying the comics otherwise. - frank
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skoolmunkee at 1:57PM, Dec. 13, 2006
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Hi franklen :)

Well, the way each page is laid out is up to each comic owner. If you were posting a comic, wouldn't you want to choose how your page is displayed?

I think the default page layout is comments-below-comic because if they were placed side to side, a huge number of people would have to scroll horizontally (left to right) in order to read them, and most people hate that. People are used to scrolling vertically (up and down) so it's easier to ‘stack’ things on a page than ‘spread’ them.

As for the image sizes…. there isn't a drunk duck feature that does that, no. I'm not sure many people would appreciate that either, as the comic artists usually make their images a specific size for a reason. If the images were smaller, most of them would be unreadable.

However there is an Internet Explorer setting that should do what you want… it will do that on EVERY page though, not just on Drunk Duck. Go into Tools, then Internet Options, and then pick the Advanced tab. Somewhere in there should be an item listed as “turn on automatic image resizing” … if you mark the check next to that and click “OK” it will fit images to your screen rather than loading them up full size. You'll get a little menu that pops up on each image so you can view them full size that way if you want.
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