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Fix Chronic Creativity (Scatterbrain) so that may keep to one or two comics!
6497315 at 8:00PM, March 4, 2009
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I am a scatterbrain, also known as having Chronic Creativity syndrom. I am constantly going off the deep end with comics. In the past month, I have come up with 20 new comic ideas, and I have barely started my REAL comic, “Voyage to Jotunheim.” Right now, I was thinking of already putting this comic into Hiatus and starting a NEW comic I came up with and am excited about. In another week, that comic will be in Hiatus and I would have started onto a new project. And a week after that, it will be in hiatus for my NEW comic I have made up.

It is making me sad, because I LOVE working on comics, but my mindset wont let me work on them for very long!

Can anyone give me helpful advise? Do I need more fish oil in my diet? Anything would be very helpful! PLEASE HELP!
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ozoneocean at 8:26PM, March 4, 2009
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You could try and keep the architecture of your main comic open enough so that you're able to just parrachute in any new comic ideas you feel like :)

That way you never have to put your work on hiatus- if things are flexible and open enough it can compe with all sorts of changes. and that'll fit better with your scatterbrained mind than being stuck with a rigid style that doesn't allow much deviation.
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