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lucky7s76 at 9:30AM, Feb. 18, 2008
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Why? Why is there a need to just bash artists for what they do? You see it everywhere: people leaving comments like “X artist is an X-derogatory term” or “X-type artists should die by X means.”

This doesn't seem to serve a purpose other than to make the one who posted them seem horribly arrogant. That and to make the people it applies to really angry.

When I'm asked about something I don't like, I look at the issue from both sides. From that, I can present a reasonable and fair opinion that can be debated without any worries of starting a flame war.

Of course, flaming is inevitable. There are deterrents, but nothing will stop people from doing it. So knowing that, I just want to be able to coexist with it; I want to understand why people find it necessary to say such irrational things.

Why is flaming necessary?
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Calbeck at 9:33AM, Feb. 18, 2008
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It's no more “necessary” than keying someone's car, and serves largely the same function.
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Aurora Moon at 12:45AM, Feb. 19, 2008
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Flamers are usually just ignorant beings who get off on insulting others. Some has completely no good reason other than just to stir up trouble and enjoy the attention, while others think that they have a “Good Reason”.

Type One:
They just don't like a type of art/Genre. Yet they seem to strive on going to places that has those types that they dislike just so they can say: “LULZ, you suck!!”
They also might be the type who keeps on going to the wrong places. For instance– Furry art. There's a lot of respectable furry art out there that does not involve anything sexual in it at all. In fact, a lot of Furry artists were the ones who grew up with Disney and other cartoons. Robin Hood, Sonic, etc.
But there's some sites that are pretty much saturated with Erotic Furry art. So any person who was new to “furry art” went to those “wrong type of sites”, might end up having a negative, biased view to furry art thinking that all furry artists were perverts who got off on the idea of beastualsexality. So because of this,when they see anything even remotely furry– It's always “GTFO Furfags!” or “EEWWWWW. I want you to get off my INTERNET, pervert!”
So this person type has no good reason, they're just biased toward certain things.

Type Two:
The people who think that they have a “good reason” for flaming, are usually the ones who think that they're so sure that they really know what some stranger over the net is like. They build up this whole mental picture of of this stranger. They string together a whole bunch of events from chat-rooms,forums, and so on forth. Just to take everything you've ever said or done out of context as “proof” that they have a supposedly good reason to treat the stranger the way they do. Even events that you had no control over or didn't even cause and yet were held responsible for.
Yet I'm sure that their whole image of the stranger would be shattered completely if they were to ever meet the stranger in person, and see how different he/she was from their expectations.
The Net and “real life” is different in that way.

In other words, those two types of flamers are different in their ways, but both are still idiots.
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kyupol at 5:55AM, Feb. 19, 2008
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These people have something incomplete in their lives that is why they do it.

Think about it. Why would somebody go out of their way just to diss someone and talk crap? If they have nothing to gain from it?

Wait a minute. What will I gain if I start a flame thread here or start dissing other people I dont like in every post they make?

- attention.
- a feeling of self-righteousness.
- ha! I am holier than thou. I am superior to you and I PWN you all the time! hahahahahaha!!!

Basically it is about self esteem problems. If you feel a need to be a dick to other people (you know who you are. Including some admins/mods in this forum) YOU have issues.

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alibaba at 7:40AM, Feb. 19, 2008
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These people have something incomplete in their lives that is why they do it.

i gotta agree with kyupol (wow XD) .

flaming is a kind of argument, which in fact is none.
its simply cheating; the same as taking the ball with your hands while playing football and throwing it into the goal.

wait, no, its more like kicking your opponent in boxing XD .

flaming is a psychological attack to heighten your own self-esteem and lower that of your opponent. however, according to the “rules” it has of course no meaning.
thats why its better to ignore pure flame-attacks.

however, not all flamers are truly flamers; some people really simply have either a very weird kind of humor or are just very emotional and don't know how to hold back.
therefore a supposed flamer can turn out actually quite understanding if you take the time to normally talk to them rather than just flame back.
well, other times the only solution is a ban XD.
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pv_chan at 10:41AM, Feb. 28, 2008
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It more comes down to human nature. Humans are nasty animals and they're pretty brave over the internet cause they never have to see these people again. If they were standing in the same room as them it'd be a totally different story. there would be both physical, mental, and social implications to their brutality.

flaming=bullying; that is a simple fact. these people tend to on average (though not always) be the scum of human society and they only show themselves on the internet cause they can't get caught or punished. That's the underlying reason for all flames. I agree with aurora moon that there are different types of flamers, but they're all caused by this reason.
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Hapoppo at 11:37AM, Feb. 28, 2008
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I have this theory: our human nature is to be the absolute best at everything to gain satisfaction in our existence, but we're also, by nature, extremely lazy. So instead of striving to bring himself above the crowd, someone with a weak integrity will strive to bring the crowd below himself. The Internet just veils these people in anonymity and gives them the opportunity to display this behavior uninhibited.
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