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Flash to Photoshop Problem
hat at 9:26AM, Feb. 7, 2007
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Ok so for this thing I'm doing, I do my painting in Flash, and then paste it into Photoshop for editing. After that I post it back into Flash to continue working.

1 - flash

2 - photoshop

3 - flash again

See the third one is bigger than the original, and that's so annoying having to match up everything again. Is there anyway to have photoshop copy the image the same size it was in Flash?

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Roguehill at 12:55PM, Feb. 8, 2007
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Woah! That's an interesting way of working things.

If you know the pixel dimensions of the art your exporting from Flash (say 140 X 100), then instead of selecting “Save As” in Photoshop, could you click “Save for the Web”? That allows you to adjust the image size to exactly what the original is. I use that feature all the time with my webcomic for resizing.

Uhm…that may not have been very clear as I'm pretty tired right now. I'll try reading it again later and see if I can clarify anything..

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reconjsh at 8:54AM, Feb. 22, 2007
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The short answer: no, there isn't a way.

The reason: flash is vector art and so DPI isn't a factor. When you work in flash, you see things at screen resolution. Well, when you copy and paste into photoshop, it takes that vector art and puts it into whatever DPI you have the file opened as… and it also assigns it a length and width dimension set. (i.e. your vector art is now 8“ x 10” at 72 dpi - PS default size) Then, when you save it back Flash, Flash has got to take the print resolution PS docutment and change it back to a screen resolution vector document.

1) Try the export feature in Flash and save it as a PSD (Photoshop Document)… Flash MIGHT fix that problem for you.
2) Instead of PS, use Illustrator… with some work, Illustrator can do alot of the easier things PS can do… albeit they are often done much differently. Since Illustrator is a vecotr program like Flash, there should be no problem since both operate at screen resolution, not print resolutions.
3) Just do it entirely in Photoshop. From what I've read, most pros use photoshop for almost everything… some even ink in PS. The only other program they use is Illustrator… for lettering/word bubbles only. Now, there's many exceptions to this statement, but point is: if you know Photoshop, there's nothing the pros do that you can't (with practice, that is).

I guess, I just don't see what use both Flash AND Photoshop… while both programs CAN be used for good comics, neither is meant to work cohesively with on another. If you insist on using that process… do a google search for Flash to Photoshop programs. There's several out there that were made specifically for what your problem is.

Hope that helped.
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mattex at 4:46AM, Feb. 23, 2007
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I do the exact same thing for mine, but i do it differently.

i do all my “edits” in flash, mainly moving, cutting, etc. “publish” as a jpeg at 100% quality to make sure it looks good so far, then open said jpeg in PS and continue doing your work (i add text, cuz flash jpeg publishing hates text for me)then once done is PS, save AGAIN as a jpeg and import into flash.

i dunno if it'll work for you, but it works for me but since i use sprites it's not like i have any quality to lose in the first place ^_^ har har!
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gigatwo at 7:27AM, Feb. 24, 2007
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Instead of inking in flash, you could always ink it in photoshop, then vectorize the lineart with the selection to path function. Then, you can get straight to the coloriing.
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that kid yellow at 3:27PM, Feb. 26, 2007
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i dont know how to ink my drawings on photoshop. can some one please drawings are very detial
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