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Font Help MUCH Needed for...
reconjsh at 10:00PM, March 3, 2007
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Can you guys suggest and/or link me to some specific free fonts that you think might work as dialogue fonts for my comic?

I'm really struggling in picking a font for my comic.
All suggestions are welcome.
I'm willing to buy one, if the font is perfect.

I'm sorry but I don't currently have any pages I can post yet. I do have a character sketch inked, found here:

Here's some background information:
* Format: ~24 page by-issue standard size comic books. To be initially and primary released as a Web Comic… but created for possibility of print as well.
* Tone: Serious. If humor: dark humor.
* Style: Horror/Macabre meets Sci-Fi meets Fantasy meets Cultural Satire meets the Superhero genre
* Futuristic, Post-Apocolyptic feel. Technology is highly advanced.
* Magic is a large factor as well as technology. Spirits, spells, metahumans, summoning, energy weapons, mind control… the works.
* Protagonists are essentially evil, at first.
* Main antagonists are VERY evil.
* Other antagonists include: undead, religion, robots, mutated humanoids, bounty hunters, government, cults, etc…
* Overall goal of comic: Illustrate the workings of ‘good vs. evil’ within a myriad of characters, but most particularly - inately evil ones.

Thank you all in advance!
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subcultured at 3:37AM, March 4, 2007
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reconjsh at 8:54AM, March 4, 2007
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Thank you Sub. I appreciate your forum dilligence… Subcultured never fails to answer/reply with intelligent and helpful comments.

Digital Strip is a very nice dialogue font. Displays well on screen even at very small points… all at it's default setting. It doesn't look too cartoony but still has a distinctive comic-book feel. Very nice suggestion.

Neuropol is a great font too. I am however having some kerning issues with it. I need to set the kerning to like +50 in order to keep it readable… which is okay I guess… but I end up only getting about 3 words per line at 8 point font size whereas I can get 5-6 with other fonts in the same amount of space. I did like the subtle tech feel too it though… it wasn't overpowering.

Thanks again sub… anyone else got any suggestions?
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Mystic Hand at 10:25AM, March 4, 2007
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I'd suggest one of these:

SF Wonder Comic

Action Man

Komika Text
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