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sovietturkey at 9:13AM, April 21, 2007
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…though I'm gladly giving up my subterranean spine attack for the chance to be a part of the DrunkDuck community.

(Does anyone even play Starcraft anymore?)

Anyway, hello. I'm Shaun/sovietturkey. I've been an occasional reader and peruser of wares here over the past few months, but after being signed to a three-year, $25.6 million contract by acadia to help write his ‘Applied Living’ comic, I figured I should probably begin to participate and promulgate on the forums and whatnot.

Shall we begin acquainting?


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subcultured at 10:04AM, April 21, 2007
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welcome to DD
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acadia at 11:08AM, April 21, 2007
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Treat him well, fellow forum-goers, for he is delicate. I'm really excited to be working with him, so welcome him with open arms =P

Welcome to the cartoonists club, Shaun.

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kitsunesan at 11:23AM, April 21, 2007
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then welcome XD
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