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Foureyes (artist wanted)
oarfly at 10:16AM, Aug. 8, 2007
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Hey there. I've got the yearning to start a side webcomicking project, but I'm pretty sure I can't spend any more time drawing. Besides, I'd really like to see this idea drawn by an artist better than me.

Anyway, here's the info on the project. If anything needs to be cleared up, just ask.

Title: Foureyes (I'm probably going to change it. Sounds catchy but isn't very descriptive)

Format: Full page webcomic updated weekly or, if the artist prefers, several pages each month. Preferably full color. Unlike Annihilicious!, my current webcomic (which you can see linked in my sig), this one will follow a continuous plot divided in chapters.

Setting: An adventure fantasy webcomic with a bit of humor and buckets of bizarre. Set in a completely original fantasy world with no ripoffs, especially Tolkien ones. Except for the presence of elves, that is. But they don't show up that much because most of the time they're hunted for their precious juicy tender meat.

Plot: So there's this guy who wakes up in a room filled with various controls and devices. He has amnesia and has no idea who he is or how he got there…

…Oh wait. That's the main villain.

The main characters are two warrior brothers, twins, as of yet unnamed. One's a bit stronger and uses various close quarter weapons without preference, be it sword or axe, chair or another person. The other prefers lighter weapons like short swords, knives or crossbows. He's also good at tinkering and usually carries around several lockpicks. He probably would have made a pretty good rogue if he and his brother weren't conjoined at the back.

Over the course of the webcomic, you have the two wandering around looking for fame and fortune. That's basically what motivates them, they're not your typical heroes as they are less likely to help a group of oppressed farmers than to offer their sevices as mercenaries for the oppressors. Gradually things tie in with the amnesiac I mentioned earlier, and in the meanwhile, the main characters have different adventures, some of which I've already came up with but I really feel there's no need to detail on them here.

Financial stuff: Unfortunately, I can't offer any money to the artist, though no costs are involved for him/her. The comic is going to be hosted for free at Comic Dish, and I can pay for a domain name myself. Since writing's not such a hard job for me, all/any ad and merchandising profits can go to the artist.

What I'm looking for in an artist: Realistic or cartoony, anything works unless it's too stylized. Also: should be able to draw good action scenes. Sorry, but I won't accept manga artists.
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