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Free Advice; Don't use the homepage feature....
danthemancartoons at 11:31AM, Sept. 27, 2007
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I don't have one and I dislike it being used in comics on the Duck generally. It takes the reader more time, is confusing and seems unnecessary…

I click on comics in need of comments and the first thing I see is an unnecessary homepage. The first thing you need any reader to read is not your favorite comics or anything like that, but your latest comic. I've never seen it work frankly…

Please don't be tempted…
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authorfly at 1:18PM, Sept. 27, 2007
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I have not come into contact with any Drunk Duck personal web pages when I've gone to look at comics yet, but I have a feeling that if I did my dial up modem would have something to say about it. It would say “your not getting to look at this page”! It might be a good Idea to leave the home page feature off of your comics so people like me living in the technological past can visit your web comics.
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SarahN at 1:36PM, Sept. 27, 2007
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I agree, I never use it. It's not a bad idea per se, but needs a better set up or something. Unless you have the know-how to edit it to make it more user-friendly, then it's kind of pointless. You may as well just edit the html and type out your fav comics on the regular site.

Plus I noticed homepages are very buggy lately. You click “latest” and it goes to the comic page BEFORE the latest comic page. Too much unnecessary clicking.
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kyupol at 1:57PM, Sept. 27, 2007
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I dont like it either. :(
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Hijuda at 5:50PM, Sept. 27, 2007
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THANK YOU. This really needs to be said. The homepage feature is just a pain in the ass. Please stop using it, people.
It's a comic!

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Evil_Snuffkin at 6:04PM, Sept. 27, 2007
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I can understand using it with some Adult rated comics if you intend to put up a warrning message but with ordinary work its just a pain. And going back one too many pages is really getting on my nerves!
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Bohemian at 7:01PM, Sept. 27, 2007
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Oh . . . okay, that makes sense – the adult rating thing that is. Since DD's homepage feature forces people to an intro-page it would work just fine as a “Beware! Beyond This Point There Be Booty!” warning.

That could keep an adventurous artist out of hot water.

That aside, I agree that you need to think long and hard about the homepage feature, and then DON'T use it.
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silentkitty at 7:15PM, Sept. 27, 2007
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Yeah. I hate the homepage feature, all it is, really, is an extra click to see the exact same image twice (or really, to be redirected to the wrong page, thanks to the current bug).
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Hyptosis at 9:48PM, Sept. 27, 2007
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I never thought of using it to warn viewers about the content of your comic, that's a good idea. Otherwise, worthless I'm sorry to say. More clicks=less readers.
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legendkiller13 at 11:29AM, Sept. 28, 2007
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it just takes to long and to much clicking
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JustNoPoint at 12:13PM, Sept. 28, 2007
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Maybe I will use it as a redirect after my prologue is complete to take you to the 1st page of the comic so it isn't always stuck on the last page forever =P

I use it on my Random Art but that is just so it has links to each “chapter” and I don't really care if people look at the random art, if they want to they can.
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