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Zwuh at 12:39PM, Aug. 11, 2006
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Sign-ups for Fightsplosion 2006 are officially CLOSED. Look in the support thread to join the fun though! :-D

We need 16 contestants all up, and it will be on a “first come first served” basis as its the fairest way we could think of. If all the spots are full then don't despair! We would like to have some people to sub in if there's any dropouts. Post here to sign up, and be aware that you need to post a picture AND a bio of your character - until both of these are posted you aren't officially entered. The bio can have as much or as little information as you choose, whatever you think people need to know about them. A good guideline is to state their: physical attributes, a short history, abilities, powers (if any), weapons, and a rough idea of their personality.

Just a final note. If you do want to sign up, keep in mind the time constraints and that the deadlines will be reasonably well followed. Sometimes there will be a couple of weeks between your battles, so be aware. There's a little room for legitimate leeway, but if you disappear for 5 weeks we'll probably replace you. :D

Everyone is free to enter though (you do not need a comic to participate) so ENTER!

EDITED NOTE: When signing up, keep in mind that you WILL have to draw other people's characters and consider whether you can handle that artistically. I am seriously not pointing any fingers, I promise. :-D
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LIZARD_B1TE at 1:24PM, Aug. 11, 2006
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Name: Erag
Race: Unknown. Many believe him to be a demon, but there is evidence to suggest otherwise. He refers to himself as a “reject.”
Age: Unknown. Claims to be almost 2000.
Height: Exactly 7 feet tall
Powers: Flight, Limited Telekinesis (can only use this to lift things that weigh 100 lbs or less), Can fire blasts of energy, and “eats” people's emotions (only rage, hate, frustration, and envy can be eaten by him, though)
Personality: Erag is an incarnation of hatred. He is by far one of (if not the) cruelest creatures alive. He is known for inventing new and painful ways to torture people simply for his own pleasure, all while feeding off of his victims' anger and hate, leaving them with nothing but pain and sorrow. The only person he is even vaguely decent to is his loyal and silent servant, Columbine.
Background: When Jesus came to Heaven, he had to have the evils that humanity left lingering over him taken awy. God took the evils of the human race away from Jesus and deposited the evils in a different universe. There, the evils came together and created Erag. He has traveled throughout many worlds, hungering for power. His goal is simple, to become an entire being. He tries to absorb other people's anger to do this, but, unfortunatly, it doesn't work. His servant, Columbine, is a robed figure with admirable swordsman skills. Columbine never speaks and always obeys Erag without question. (You can see a picture of Columbine here)
Reason for entering Fightsplosion: To inflict as much pain and feed on as much emotion as possible.
Further reference: None, yet. He is set to appear in Heaven vs Hell in the fourth story arc, however, he makes a brief appearance in strip 23. Due to his presence in Fightsplosion, he is the first character in that strip who has been given a name.

Note: Columbine will not aid Erag in the actual battles. Erag will abide by the rules and fight solo.

Another Note: Interestigly, Erag is telekinetic, meaning he has psychic powers. Psychic powers are developed by mortals only (it's very long and complicated, I won't explain right now). When asked about his race, Erag refered to himself as a “reject.” Nothing is known about what Columbine is.
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Chelano at 1:26PM, Aug. 11, 2006
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Name: Ninja Fluff
Age: 13
Height: 0'6''
Battle Cry: BOOGALOO
Signature Moves: Boogaloo Pounce, Random Pie Throw, Death Stare, Ribbon Smack
Speed: Very fast and keep in mind he can fly
Powers: He know hwo to fight, but he made it all up.
Weapon: The only weapon he really uses is his ribbons
Personality: A jokester. He is also very mean when it comes to fighting.
History: Lil' Fluff lost his mom and siblings in a tragic accident. He does not know who his father is. A human killed most of his family. He trained as ninja fluff to get back at humans who hurt animals
Weakness: weak agaist big bugs, attractive female birds and food. Things that are bigger then him since he IS so small. Being attacked by more then one thing. Nets.
Reason For Entering: To show the little guy can win and maybe get back at some humans.
Strips to see Lil' Fluff: You can see him in the strip BRUTUS or the new comic LIL' FLUFF'S BIG ADVENTURE which is about his life.
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Zwuh at 1:35PM, Aug. 11, 2006
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Name: Klara McBride
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: 34
Height: 5'1"

Occupation: Thief and assassin.
Personality: Karla is an angry, angry woman. It does not take much of anything to tick her off. She feels like everyone is out to get her and subsequently is out to get everyone. Very selfish and introspective. Sarcastic and acidic sense of humour.
History: Growing up in an area of London best described as “low grade”, Klara never had an easy life. Her parents did not go the predictable route of dying when she was a teenager, spurring her to a checkered past that culminates in a realisation which allows her to turn her whole life around and live out her days in a white house with 2.5 children. Instead, they managed to dodge the preverbial runaway lorry and stick around to ignore her completely and never do much of anything beyond the couch and the ashtray.

Klara, wanting more from her life, turned to the only sure-fire exit out of her particular economic group - crime. Of course crime leads to drugs, and with an addictive personality that had already gotten her smoking - thanks, dad - she quickly fell into doing the usual suspects.

On one jolly trip around the city looking for places to find a fast fix, she stumbled into a research laboratory which was contracted out, as it happens, to work on an American defense project. I know! Scandal. Finding a syringe in a container, and perhaps addled due to withdrawal, she injected herself.

This particular syringe, to future chagrin, was filled with self-replicating nanomachines suspended in a living bioform chemical soup. How exciting is that? Yowzers. The mixture, allowed to infiltrate a sentient organism, turned parasitic and bonded with Klara. Discovering her new found abilities, she quickly moved up the villainous food chain.

She also had some cake once.

Abilities: Has control over gravitational forces. Is covered in a black substance which she can shape and stretch at will. Low strength but high agility. Fights with a mix of various styles, but primarily street.
Weaknesses: Completely and utterly mortal. No protection beyond the black.
Weapon: Ocassionally uses pistols.
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Laura at 1:40PM, Aug. 11, 2006
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Physical Attributes
· Human
· Claims to be 5’ 10”
· Older guy (Human terms), sprightly
· Black hair, grey at the front
· Shirt, tie (in bow)

· Hard punching used to smash the ground (and possibly hit you in the face)
· Tiny arm hairs which shoot out of his skin (aforementioned hedgehog powers)
· Unpredictable and good at using his environment to create new pain for opponent

Worked for most of his life in an office environment for a promotion he promised himself would be his at age 30. Twenty years later, he gets the promotion, and Peter (in combination with other stresses in his life such as his dead mother turning up), cracks. One slightly murky power gaining scene later, and Peter has given up his career for fighting as DRONE-X (a childhood dream). Unfortunately the years of VDU screens and hiding behind memos (along with the mental breakdown) have made him into a very unpredictable and dangerous individual… with horrible one-liners.
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Mimarin at 2:00PM, Aug. 11, 2006
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Age: Open to debate, assuming he IS the embodiment of �when� this could be anywhere up to the dawn of human language thousands of years ago or even before then, but to be honest nobody knows.
Height: 3' 11“ crouched 4' 2” total
Weight: 28kg
Powers: Most notably the ability to manipulate matter in ways too numerous to go into, anything from air currents to rock to metal and even living tissue can be bent and distorted by when�s powers, he also has shown a mild psychokinetic and telepathic ability, Telepathy is the only known medium by which he is capable of communicating.
Notes on biology: When�s forelimbs don�t function like most animals, they are spine-like limbs with near infinite flexibility. Despite this when is not a physically strong or durable being, his external sensory organs, including his eyes appear to be wholly vestigial and entirely non-functional. by what method he senses is currently unknown, it is assumed to be based on telepathy.
Origin: Sources are highly divided on the subject, but the two main schools of thought suggest that he is either some sort of highly developed alien life form or is indeed the personification of the concept of �when� whatever the hell that means.
Why? Who knows? It could be to fulfil some longer running purpose, or simply for laughs, seriously, your guess is as good as mine.
Of course you will. All intelligent beings dream. Nobody knows why.

Also, tell random people they are awsome! it helps!
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Zwuh at 2:16PM, Aug. 11, 2006
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Wow, filled up quick. Freezing the thread TEMPORARILY now so that more people get to see the thread before it fills up! I'll unlock it tomorrow.

EDIT: Re-opened! Keep those characters coming, and remember that quality beats quantity. :-D
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crescendo at 8:27AM, Aug. 12, 2006
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El Lobo Volador “The Flying Wolf”

Age: 23
Height: 5' 7"
Fighting style: Think Zangief from Street Fighter but alot more agile, mostly grapples and counter moves, but overall defensive and lacks a little in offensive ability.

Personality: Noble to a fault sometimes and values life above all. Unconfortable with using his most powerful and damaging moves unless it's absolutely necessary.

History: Comes from a long family of Mexican wrestlers with a strict moral code who also volunteered as fighter pilots in both world wars. He wears his pilots goggles to honor his ancestors who were pilots and his mask to honor family tradition. Recently he has begun to question the violence his family legacy contains and has chosen to enter Fightsplosion in order to both honor family tradition, and to see if the life of his ancestors is the life he is destined to follow or not.

Powers: None that lend in strength but the spirits of his ancestors sometimes offer him advice in combat situations, also has the ability to percieve his oponents actions and intent to such ability that he is more than likely percieve how his opponent will attack. Also noted that he is extremely well read and is fluent in English, Spanish, and Latin.
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suzi at 9:15AM, Aug. 12, 2006
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Age: 17
Height: 5'incredible


Really really angry face
Emo noises (if any effect, 50/50 chance of either distracting opponent or just pissing them off)
Obnoxious laugh
Rant about music/comics/horror movies (bores opponent to death, or makes them feel incredibly inferior next to his MASSIVE WAREHOUSE OF KNOWLEDGE)
LAZER EYEZ (possibly just a light show…)

Bass guitar, but it's mostly for looks.

Defense thing: Glasses shield!

Weaknesses: Not very strong, often just stands around and laughs

History: WHATEVZ.

Reason for competing: WHO CARE.
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Comicmasta at 9:20AM, Aug. 12, 2006
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Name: The Leech
Ability: the power to absorb energy.
Gender: Male
Height: 7'5
Personality: Agressive
Most strange Features:Id have to say his 4 foot long tounge, and the fact that he has no bottom Jaw so drool is always dripping out.
Strengths: Underwater battles, And the occasional addrenline rush.
Weakness(s): Fire,salt, and lime juice, Salt makes him foamy, lime juice makes him dissolve. And flames well, lets just say the yellow parts on him are not heat resistant.
Bio: The leech is a freak experiment made by Serentino industries. He used to be human but thanks to a few adrenaline doses, Iron particles, and a strange gas he has become the leech. he cannot talk but he lets out this loud High pitched screech. The Greyish section of his skin is harder then steel, Infact he could chop off heads with his bare Flipper thing if he wanted to. This is a creature that has no self controll over itself.
i have been brought back….The Boanitia..grrrrr…..Must find Super Jesus!!!!!
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alejkhan at 9:27AM, Aug. 12, 2006
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Long ass description………

Name: 42, named after the number tattooed on her leg, plus it’s the answer.

Age: Appears to be within a range of 16-20 years.

Height: 5 ft 6 in/1m 68cm

Personality: 42 is a blank slate. She will reflect the stronger personality traits of the beings with whom she might interact. Otherwise she is quite devoid of personality or emotion, unless she is under hypnosis – then she goes a little berserk.

History: 6 years ago, 42 was arrested and found guilty of disturbing the peace, public indecency, destruction of public and private property, and aggravated assault. She was however deemed insane and appropriately sent to an asylum for treatment in lieu of incarceration. She spent most of the time in solitary confinement because despite treatments, her personality reflection quirk worked overtime amongst her mentally disturbed inmates. During her last session with her psychiatrist, 42 was put into a hypnotic state in order to help delve into her past. At some point during the process, 42 snapped and rampaged throughout the asylum, destroying a good portion of it and severely injuring 6 orderlies. She broke out, and is now wandering the country, looking for more information as to her origin, avoiding pursuit, and generally causing mayhem wherever she goes.

Abilities: 42 has enhanced senses, agility, strength, stamina, and intelligence. (Think a little bit above an Olympic caliber gymnast + genius + various superior animal senses.) She can perfectly mimic the abilities of any being she interacts with, but will immediately forget those abilities if she cannot see that being. She can heal most minor wounds within a half an hour, severe to fatal wounds could take a day. The less she moves around, the faster she can heal.

Weapons: 42 will use whatever is available. She especially likes to use the long sleeves on her straight-jacket to choke people.

Random quirks:
While in the asylum, 42 picked up the habit of pulling out her own hair and tends to zone out while she does it. When she hasn’t been around anyone for a while, she becomes so blank that she’ll stand perfectly still and uncontrollably drool until something grabs her attention.
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Radec at 12:39PM, Aug. 12, 2006
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Name: Garden Gnome (can't think of a name. any suggestions?)
-Ability to grow pretty flowers bushes, or vegetables
-Has a red hat
-Likes dancing, candy, and long walks in the rain
-has the power to become ANGRY MAN! a big black… blacky thing of indescribable DOOM!
-Angry Man is fast like lightning!
-Angry Man also has a pointy hat.
-Various gnome abilities of random doom.
Height: 2'2“ or 8' 10”
weight: 48 lbs. or 1563 lbs. (Angry Man has a very dense material composition.)
Personality: Jovial, friendly competitor
Weaknesses: He is VERY hard to anger, unless you harm one of his beautiful plants… (we're talkin' Ghandhi level, here.)
History: The Gnome was just another happy garden gnome, relaxing at his magical hut of gardening, when he decided to take a walk to the city to make some friends. after spying a flier talking about Fightsplosion, the Gnome thought to himself: “well, with so many people about, that sounds like a marvelous way to meet some new friends. Besides, I may be old, but I can certainly show them how a REAL gnome does it! Besides, maybe they'll enjoy gardening as much as I do!”
And off he went on his merry little gnome way to open up a can of Whup Ass.
<= dead and buried.
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Anonymous at 12:57PM, Aug. 12, 2006
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Name: The Gravedigger (calls herself Gravy)
Age: Around 14
Sex: Female
Height: 5'5"

Dig random stuff/weapons/crap out of the ground
Dig into almost any substance
Some hand-to-hand combat

Weaknesses: She's effing crazy! She doesn't like baths or fire as well.

The Gravedigger made it into the competition by signing up for what she thought was a job interview with a new graveyard. That's all right though, since she thinks most of the fighters are zombies anyway. Not much is known about what she did beforehand, besides digging graves at graveyards. She probably won't tell you either, since she's crazy and most likely doesn't know herself. The gravedigger also likes cheesecakes.
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Mazoo at 12:58PM, Aug. 12, 2006
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Oh hey that was me, guys.

*EDIT* Since I can't edit the “Guest” post I did before, I'd like to mention that The Gravedigger's weapon is her blue and yellow shovel.
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SarahN at 1:15PM, Aug. 12, 2006
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Name: Jack “Darkness” Price
Race: Vampire (so no daylight arenas, please)
Age: This may be changed one day, but it's in the 100-200 region. Was turned at 24.
Height: 5'10
Weapons: Sword, gauntlet
Abilities: Flying, powers over shadows and darkness, telepathy, various other small powers like elements. Is quite fast.
Weaknesses: Pretty girls, ummm solar power?, being hit in the heart (won't exactly kill him but can cripple him), blood loss, the sight of blood when he's hungry, too much talking or taunting can make him lose his head with impatience

Personality: The easiest description is insane. He can jump from teasingly debonair (his most ‘common’ mood), to creepy, to raging, to kind. Carefree and unpredictable, he will go head-first into a fight with little regard for his own life. While he doesn't care about dying and his story is angsty, he dislikes going emo around people and complaining about his problems. Being in a bloody battle makes him feel free. He doesn't exactly anger easily but is very impatient.

History (angsty warning): When Jack was human, he had a wife named Emily and a new baby daughter named Julia. However one day a wicked vampire called Orlock walked right into his house and killed his entire family, proceeding to turn Jack afterwards.
Orlock put Jack through hell for many, many, years. Torturing him mentally and physically, both to make him stronger and to make him do as he says. Finally Jack completely gave into Orlock and became his slave, basically, doing everything he asks. The result is Jack today, crazy and uncertain…trying to protect what little he has.
Now, somehow, after being zapped from his world and floating around in a void for a while, he is now at the Fightsplosion tournament….but he doesn't care! It sounds fun to him!
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alejkhan at 1:21PM, Aug. 12, 2006
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(you appear to be number 16, Sarah)
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Stain at 1:21PM, Aug. 12, 2006
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Name: Vald. (Not Vlad, Vald! V-A-L-D! Get it right!)
Age: 26 (Born April 30, 1945)
Race: Human.
Gender: Male.
Weapon: Well, if you can name a weapon, he probably has it.
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 112.7 lbs.
Personality: He tries to hide the fact that he's constantly pissed off. He is not at all easy to distract and knows when something bad is about to happen. Also, he is merciless to his foes.
Strong points: Well, he has almost every weapon you can think of with him, he's extremely athletically skilled, and he's a tactical genius. He is not at all easy to distract and knows when something bad is about to happen.
Weak points: Do you really think he'd be dumb enough give away his weaknesses?!!
History: When Vald was young, his family was murdered by Neo-Nazis and he was abducted by them. For 17 years they had him locked in a waiting prison, and he was eventually drafted into their military. Now, pretending to work for them, he secretly plots to defeat them.
Dirk Zephyrs
Stain is also pretty hot.
Lawl @ Homosexuality

K.A.L.A.-dan! Trap!
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Zwuh at 11:59PM, Aug. 12, 2006
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Buh bubuh buuh BUUUUUUUUUUUH!

Ladies and gentlement BOYS AND GIRLS! Tentacled freaks of all ages! It appears we have our Fightsplosion LINEUP!

It is as follows:

Swiif Lee (Swiif_Jester)
Sincerely (Sincerely)
Ninja Fluff (chelano)
Klara McBride (Zwuh)
Drone-X (Laura)
When (Mimarin)
El Lobo Volador (crescendo)
Alex Hill (suzi)
The Leech (Comicmasta)
42 (alejkhan)
The Humongous (Toadman360)
Alar ‘Al’ Aria (equinox)
Garden Gnome (Radec)
The Gravedigger (Mazoo)
Jack ‘Darkness’ Price (SarahN)

And on the bench, itching to fly in, we have… Vald (Stain)

What a lovely bunch, can't wait to see them in action. If you want to be a sub in case of emergencies, feel free to post your characters in the support thread (to be created) and indicate your willingness to be a sub in the post. You can still participate in non-battle events around FS if you are a sub!

To those who have entered, I will be sorting out the ladder today and announcing it soon. Get working on those intro pages. :wink:

Please refrain from any posting of pages until the battles have commenced. And note that all BATTLE threads will be created by either me or one of my assistants (Blackaby and Black_Kitty).
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Zwuh at 11:27PM, Aug. 13, 2006
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For those wanting to join in either as backup or as random FS folk…
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