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Fuel Solutions.
crazyninny at 1:38PM, April 25, 2008
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Well, we have tons and tons of deer here, why don't we use them to pull sleds to get us place to place?

Why not just burn the deer as fuel? Don't have to feed them that way.

We'er on to something here… Shall we patient now before someone steals our idea?
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lastcall at 5:30PM, April 25, 2008
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My coworker heard something on the news this morning where they are predicting gas will be at least $5.00 by the end of the summer. …It's already $3.75+ where I live. Cost us fifty bucks to fill up the tank this morning. Nuts, I tells ya.

Hybrid cars are nifty-sounding and all, but I hear they sting you in the ass when it comes to maintenance bills. Where regular cars cost about $100 or so for a tuneup, hybrid cars cost about $1,000.

…Meh, we were complaining last year about fuel prices and how they were three bucks a gallon. Now they're just a dollar more. …Things will get better soon, especially once we get Mr. Numbnuts out of office. ;)
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lothar at 5:07AM, April 26, 2008
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the real problem is that nobody is ready to admit that the mode of living we all got used to in the good ol 20th century is Impossible to continue. Things , Everything must be scaled down . Food must be produced locally , Products must be made to last and be repairable instead of just trashing things when they break. people need to travel less and Every nation needs to cut military spending and invest in energy efficiency and renewable sources like wind.
The problem is people have come to believe that technology realy is MAGIC . that somehow we are going to get some silver bullet solution that allows us to keep on going the way we have been and not change anything .
the future of humanity is going to require SACRIFICE . it's either going to be you sacrifice your car , your 100 inch flat screen , and air conditioning; Or it's going to be HUMAN SACRIFICE in the “third world” but of course we can just keep going on like we have been and the decision will be made for us !
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