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Fun school projects?
GOD_OF_DEATH at 1:50PM, Nov. 19, 2007
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Anyone got a fun school project they got to do?

Right now we are working on a comic strip in our LA class.
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Rutger at 1:53PM, Nov. 19, 2007
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I finished school not too long ago, but we used to have fun projects. Like the week before the Christmas holiday was a themed week, and everyone from our department (Design, art and technolgy, DAT for short) were divided up in groups, like band, decor, theater, fashion, etc.
Me and my mates always managed to end up in the same group in ‘free project’, which means we got to do what we wanted, as long as we had a goal. The first year we made a Jackass-esque movie, the second year we did a Batman movie, and the third year we made an Idols parody. I'll post the movies if I can find them…the Batman one rocks the most, since we had shitty costumes, shitty storylines, shitty decors and shitty actors, but we still managed to make an awesome movie out of it.

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Frostflowers at 2:00AM, Nov. 20, 2007
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I got to start my comic as a school project! :) The first 24 pages were drawn for school - on a very tight schedule, when I was still getting used to the programs and drawing the same character over and over and over, and yeah, they're pretty shitty, but it was hi-la-ri-ous.

Seriously. Especially when I finished the first 24 pages and presented them in front of a classroom full of 16 year olds. They were all respectfully silent, so my presentation consisted of a lot of “So I did this and this and this, like so and - …. are you listening? Yeah? Good!”
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valesse at 2:25PM, Nov. 20, 2007
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I usually try to make the best use out of essay/paper writing assignments like last year I spent 4 to 6 pages suggesting that some ancient Romanians pulled a 300.

(This image was in the paper and, strangely, was counted as a visual source)

The year before last I wrote “Historical Evidence of a Correlation Between Behavior and Global Climate Changes: The Effects of Piracy on Earth's Temperatures.” an argument paper citing the Flying Speghetti Monster. It was splendiferous, especially when it came time to explain ice ages, the death of the Neandertals, and monkeys arriving in the New World…. and the role of the British Royal Navy in each instance. lol!
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Phantom Penguin at 4:55PM, Nov. 20, 2007
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We got to make a bomb in chem class one time.

They regreted that real quick.
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