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itsjustaar at 12:45AM, Dec. 13, 2010
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In-between coloring my latest page (while with a sore throat… x_o), I've been browsing from one wikipedia page to another in search of something to read. Most of the times in-between a short article, you find one with an extensive look behind the scenes of something really funny.

Feel free to post anything you see. Here's one that made me crack up, and it was behind the process building up trying to make a ‘Superman’ movie. xD This isn't so much a discussion thread as it is a ‘find something that made you laugh’ kinda thing.

Kevin Smith pitched Peters his story outline in August 1996, and was allowed to write the screenplay under three conditions. Peters wanted Superman to wear an all-black suit, feeling the more traditional suit was “too f*ggy”. He also did not want Superman to fly, arguing that Superman would “look like an overgrown Boy Scout.” Smith wrote Superman flying as “a red-and-blue blur in flight, creating a sonic boom every time he flew.” Peters also wanted Superman to fight a giant spider for the climactic showdown.

Smith accepted the terms, realizing that he was being hired to execute a pre-ordained idea. Peters and Warner Bros. also had Smith write a scene involving Brainiac fighting polar bears at the Fortress of Solitude, and Peters wanted Brainiac to give Lex Luthor a space dog, stating “Chewie's cuddly, man. You could make a toy out of him, so you've got to give me a dog.”[ Peters' additional Star Wars similarities were due to the recent re-release of the original Star Wars trilogy, such as Peters' insistence that Brainiac's robot assistant L-Ron was to be voiced by Dwight Ewell, calling the character, "a gay R2-D2 with attitude." Peters was able to recycle his giant spider idea in Wild Wild West, a film he produced.

I don't think I ever cracked up so hard.
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