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GAAHHH!! my music is boring plz help me
TheMidge28 at 1:46PM, July 22, 2007
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That doesnt make sense to me. Yes music can be catagorized but if certain sounds are currently boring a person, certain ideas are no longer interesting, and a certain style no longer appealing, why continue to search for similar bands?

Maybe its because I dont care about style, but that sounds really boring and counter productive.

Say you got tired of your hip hop act. You want a change. You check out a lot of other hip hop acts and they are all basically the same(for the instance of this comparison, not that I believe all hip hop acts are the same) would you a.) ask for more of these very identical hip hop acts or b.) something else? maybe a hardcore rap act if you are feeling angry. Maybe, just maybe, a country band. Why? Johnny Cash was way more gangster than tupac was. Period. George Jones was more emotional than emo bands too.

Oh and then theres billie holiday whose music was way awesome and totally not the same as T I, and what if you are just sick to death of your comercial punk and want something that sounds way different from My Chemical Romance, maybe, though its unlikely, you'll find something interesting in Insane Clown Posse or Brotha Lynch Hung. And if you like Britney Spears but your just bored with her lack of creativity, maybe you should try Feist.

You know?

no, I don't know.
You think your right and I am wrong…I read your frickin' listing…
I love music. Music is like drugs and sex all rolled into one. I listen to SkitzoXCore which basically means I don't listen to anything specific. I can listen to George Jones, the Insane Clown Posse, Sade, Alanis, and who ever else I damn well please all on one cd. I don't get caught up in who is more punk rock, or hip hop, or hardcore than who. I think music that seperates is not music.
…and I know how this is going turn out.
So I am just going to end this debate right now because its a dumb one.
Dude, you are arguing with me for asking the original poster what music they like so I can make referrals from a different angle. This is the Media Forum. Discussion and Debate is up several blocks. I think they are debating baby seal clubbing…

you call this arguing?


In matters of taste..i.e. music…there should be no debate.

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RobertTidwell at 9:02PM, July 22, 2007
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We werent debating. I asked a question because I didnt understand your perspective. You assumed that I thought you were wrong because I said I didnt understand your thinking and explained my own thinking, but there hasn't been any real conflict. The only disagreement, so far really, has been the last few posts which werent even about music.

For the initial poster, here are some bands you should check out. Don't rule them all out if you already don't like one. Keep an open mind.

gaelle, King Gordy, insane poetry, project: deadman, sabac, johnny cash, 8mm, alu, techn9ne, tamyra grey, jp tha hustler, bare naked ladies, jane monheit, corporate avenger, fuckfase, forekast industrial, billie holiday, billy miles, zug izland, two loons for tea, prozak, willie nelson, tension head, machine head, amphibious assault, suicidal tendencies, idiom of sad, diana krall, anji bee, my life with the thrill kill kult, divisible, chamber, christopher smart, tricky, bjork, nine inch nails, insane clown posse, twiztid, pearl jam, alanis, sade, bob marley, black label socioty, system of a down, tapping the vein, hungry lucy, tori amos, collide, ego likeness, lunascape, analog missionary, goldfrapp, rasputina, she wants revenge, neila, daughter darling, 5 billion dead, garbage, Black Sunday, thou shalt not, india.arie, Sick Symphoniez
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joeychips at 1:33PM, July 23, 2007
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Moes Haven does some of the catchiest and funniest songs I've ever heard.

They even did a fun song for my own comic at
Joe Chiappetta
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