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Gaming Addiction - Is there a such thing?
Aurora Moon at 7:22AM, March 10, 2008
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I guess it all depends on how you handle something like that.

Games are created with the purpose of reliving stress, etc and helps humans to relax. In fact it's been proven that playing anything that's enjoyable to most living things helps with our health. video games even helps with our hand and eye coordination.

It's supposed to be an enjoyable thing which one should never take too seriously. But the problem lies in people….there's some people who would take such things too seriously… and even have a weird sense of superiority should they reach level 107 or something.
person one: “Umm… dude, it's only a game. Why are you acting like an asshole to me just because you're level 107?”
person two: “Do you know how much effort I made into being level 107?!”
person one: “Uh….okay…. I'll just take my time in leveling and just enjoy the game… see ya.”

It pisses me off when some people think that they can act like total ass-wipes just because of a certain on-line status they have. It's like… Dude, the whole point of being on-line and such is to enjoy the game/whatever. The whole point is to enjoy it, not to bow down to your so-called “superiority” just because you're of a certain level/status. When you ruin it for others… that's when you've gone to an all time low.

*shakes head* It's Okay to brag that you've reached a level number, beat an amount of games, etc…. just don't let it consume your life. Don't let it give you a superiority complex. Don't take it so seriously.
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Baconators at 5:08PM, March 10, 2008
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Sure, video games can be very addictive, but they're just another category in the long list of addictive things. You've got your few cases of death due to excessive video game play, but let's compare to the number of deaths due to drunk driving and drug overdose, or teenage suicides due to the media's portrayal of perfection.

Everyone has their own way of reacting to a video game. I love them, and follow them very closely, but I only play when I have time and can drag myself away from them when I need to. Others have a more difficult time. A lot of factors play a role in this, and I honestly think that if a child is to end up avoiding video game addiction, it's the parents' responisibility. As a child, I was allowed to play games for a certain amount of time a night. As a result, I built up the self-control that I have today.

One could also argue, though, that video games in the past were much less addictive than they are now, and this is true. But this is only more reason for a parent to have to watch what their kids are playing. For this purpose, we have ESRB ratings, and the news in general. But lets be honest, if your kid is playing WoW every hour when he/she is not eating or sleeping, then the parents should start taking some action.

That's all true until a certain age, when the parents' say loses its importance. At that point, though, I would think the realities of life would kick in for most people. It's difficult enough to balance school, a job, and a social life - a 21 year old will most probably have difficulty even finding time for his video game addiction. And if that's not the case, and there's no change in that person's behavior, well then you have the exception. But you have those types of people for every type of addiction, so what's it matter?
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