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gangs of tokyo
tokyopimp5764 at 8:30AM, Sept. 24, 2007
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the year is 3000 the setting is obviosly mainly tokyo but may leave tokyo to other parts of japan.. no leaving japan! your own gang if you wish or just join one. lone wolfs are allowed. God-Moding. All Avatars are equal until you earn your status… one-shot kills. none of that “Slices up (name) into a million pieces and then aims for (other person), shoots at that person” crap.. you know who you are!! it just takes the fun out of an game like this. give other people an chance to really play, will you?
3 no fucking pokemon!!!!!!!!!

failure to follow the rules, will get me calling an mod on your ass and having you warned severely, or possibly even banned from the forum games.
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