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Gender Inequality for Male Victims?
Bimbo_Zombie at 4:00PM, Feb. 3, 2008
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Rape and domestic abuse are some of the most horrible things human kind does to each other.
As a woman even I must say: something needs to be done for male victims!
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Kohdok at 1:22AM, Feb. 4, 2008
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But, as sex isn't simply a physical act, the way we'd sometimes like to think it is, but also very much a social and mental activity- emotional and mental pain, embarrassment, and a sense of humiliation and intimate violation would still be just as horrible for either gender. I see no reason to make light of that.

Yeah, man. Imagine being remembered as the guy who got molested by his female school teacher in sixth grade. Just because it happens less often doesn't automatically make the aftermath less bad.

And I also found the whole “Men are constantly horny” phrase to be off-base, too. A quick search on Myspace finds women who use their butts as their profile picture instead of their faces. (I remember seeing someone using Myspace on a computer and asking them if they were on due to the images I saw) This can be used as evidence that the same can be said about women. That is, if you make your judgments based on a narrow field of vision, like both of the above.

There are a lot of men who have self control, and some who don't. The same can easily be said for women. Frankly, I find overly-forward women terrifying.
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