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Getting good (How to Draw Cartoon People)
Smidget at 7:03PM, April 26, 2006
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Hey there

I know that most people on DD are really talented. I am alright at drawing and jokes, but I just need to know is theere a good site that teaches you how to draw cartoon people?

Or should I just read more comics and check out how they draw?

(PS: I use Flash 8 Pro)

–Smidget :D
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Terminal at 6:52PM, May 12, 2006
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Google, “Who to Draw Cartoon People” While the sites shown may or may not help you. Remember, There is no set way to draw in a cartoony way. You have to find your own style. Try reading more print and webcomics.

Also, try posting this in the tips and tricks forum. You'll get more helpful hints there than what I could provide.

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Berlin Poe at 5:04PM, May 24, 2006
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S'up dawg.

Two things you can do all on your own that will improve your art. This may not be an overnight thing mind you, but it works. I know lotsa people who started life without a pencil in their new born hands.

I'm naturally talented {god that sounds self centered} but my girlfriend and a lot of my firends aren't. They have tought themselves and well.

Step one: This step is the most important and also the most simple. Draw every single day. Draw, draw, draw. Carry a sketch book with you and draw anything you want, just do it every single day.

Gawd that is so important. I stopped drawing regularly and I lost a lot of my talent and didn't get better. Drawing everyday rapidly improved my finished products.

Step two: Draw from life, other people's art, things in your room. Go to a mall or coffe shop and do some gesture drawings {quick sketches, little detail} of the people just being people, walking around and what not. Gesture drawings are well titled; simply capture the movement of the person with only a few strokes.

Draw your favorite artists characters and try not do it exactly. Put them in new positions and whatever. Do fanart. Draw in their style.

Lastly, sit on your bed, at you computer, in your kitchen and just draw these backdrops. Draw them as accrurately and as interestingly as possible. This is to get you eyes and hands together. It'll help you with perspective and whatever.

Other stuff? Buy a figure drawing book. Learn the differances between men and women physically. Take a figure drawing class if you have the means. Watch more cartoons. Read new comics from a wide variety of artists. Drunk Duck is great like that.

Anyway. Good luck. And so forth. Just get out there and draw, you, mean and nobody NEEDS a website to tell them how to draw.
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crescendo at 5:32PM, May 24, 2006
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Also…. in my personal experience I've found it really beneficial to take some sort of anatomy class at school. It really helps figure out porportions if you're going for a more realistic style.

But for a more cartoon-esqe style I'd recommend taking a digital camera with you along with a sketchbook and just take pictures of people in any poses you think would be cool to put in a comic, especially if you have some friends who are very overdramatic in their movements, and just try and draw that in your cartoon style. This also helps out with landscapes.

Also like everyone else says… draw everyday. :P
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Smidget at 12:35AM, May 28, 2006
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Thanks so much guys!

These tips are so helpful! Thanks to them I'm getting a lot better at cartooning and drawing. Thanks again!

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mykill at 2:02PM, May 30, 2006
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You got two approaches to drawing.

Cartooning classically is a matter of learning or perfecting a drawing formula that may or may not be realistic.

So Peanuts, Wizard of ID, Garfield..etc. all good cartooning that isn't realistic.

Now, you still have to master basic drawing skills, Snoopy always looks like Snoopy and you have to master drawing volume and form to achieve that level of consistancy.

Now those of us that want to draw superheroes or cartooning with more depth and realism - that's a tall order. It's still a matter of learning a drawing formula, but that drawing formula is very very advanced. I don't have it down to a formula myself. John Byrne and George Perez have ‘realistic’ comic drawing down to a formula.

If you want to go there with the ‘realistic’ look, life drawing is a must, and a lot of practice- a lot of practice - more practice - and a lot of failure - is necessary.

here's some tips:
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tonik at 2:56PM, June 25, 2006
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one word: anatomy!

the more effort you put into anatomy, your cartoon (less realistic) drawings will improve asap :)
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Comicmasta at 5:59AM, July 11, 2006
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I learned how to draw manga in real life, just cant show it cause i dont have a scanner -_-, well anyways heres the link to the site i learned how to do manga.
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AQua_ng at 10:28AM, July 11, 2006
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Something small but helpful.

Length of arms = 2 heads
Length of legs = 3 heads

That should get the anatomy department a boost.

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Radec at 8:17PM, July 19, 2006
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I think actually the best suggestions were from Berlin Poe.
Just draw as much as you can, a little bit every day.
I myself try to do this, but when I open the sketchbook, my mind goes completely blank. (It eats mah brains!)

But, yeah.
If you can force yourself to, drawing something every day helps a lot.
eventually you will start coming up yourself with ways you can improve the general feel of your stuff. Experiment alot, and don't stress if it doesn't look right.
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Smidget at 6:38PM, July 28, 2006
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All these tips are the best. I've learnt heaps. I always wondered how people can draw great looking people, animals etc on comics. I thought that there was some special method of drawing people. But I know now, that cartooning is not easy at first, but when you “tap into the cartoon way” it becomes a lot less difficult.

So the vital tool I know now is practice ;)

And practice

And practice

And…well…you get it ;)

Well thanks again!
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