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Give me a read and ill give you an amazing story to draw.
campbellim at 7:26PM, Nov. 5, 2010
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This is a story about a teen boy living in a world where he has been giving tons of things, and have had just as much taken away. Amore. is the title of the story, but unlike the name of the story, this is not about love. Amore is the name of where the main character works. This story takes place in Tokyo, but not the Tokyo we know of today. Tokyo is the center of the world, and people of all ethnicities flock to see it. This puts pressure on the staff of Amore to keep their reputation up even while the main characters deals with the tragedies around him. This story is divided into arcs. An opening arc, a sad arc, a happy arc, a sad, a happy, and an ending arc.
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