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Good size for comics
The letter E at 4:19AM, Jan. 22, 2008
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What is a good size for a picture when uploading to drunkduck? I want to avoid people having to scroll when viewing a page.
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CharleyHorse at 6:44AM, Jan. 22, 2008
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It depends entirely on your page format. Generally it is agreed that most people find scrolling either left to right or top to bottom okay but NOT both.

IF you have a multi panel comic-book style page to present then you have no choice but to have it scrollable from top to bottom unless you want to supply people with a magnifying glass. Anyway, you would then set your page to around 600 to 850 pixels wide and NOT WORRY about the scroll length.

I know that there is a huge range between a 600 to 850 width ratio, but your selection depends on YOUR comfort factor. You have to select a width ratio that looks and feels right to you.

If you are going to have a three or four panel page arrangement along the lines of a classic cartoon style strip then decide if you want the reader to scroll from side to side or if you want to stack each panel one on top of the other OR do what some cartoonists prefer and stack the panels two by two.

In other words, you would place panel one and two side by side and panels three and four beneath the first two but also side by side. In such a case you would generally fix the size so that a reader could see all of both panels one and two at one glimpse and then have the reader scroll down to see panels three and four with a second glimpse.

OKAY, now for the most useful information of all. Take a look at your favorite comic pages or cartoon strip works on the internet and once you are looking at a page or panel place your mouse cursor over the item and RIGHT CLICK. This will bring up a menu and you will see a PROPERTIES name. Left click on that and another panel will appear listing the dimensions of the entire page in pixel width and length. This will quickly give you a feel for how other cartoonists are setting up their works for both their and your viewing comfort.

A final word, again, unless you want your readers to squint and break out in a bug-eyed sweat to read your stuff you will probably have to settle for allowing some form of either left to right or up and down scrolling. It is VERY annoying for a reader to have to copy your work and put it inside an application and enlarge the image just to read your stuff.

I hope some of this helps,

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Skullbie at 3:43PM, Jan. 26, 2008
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I have a manga style comic,
I want people to scroll a little bit
because the page would be ruined if
readers saw ahead.

It honestly depends on what type you're doing.
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deletedbyrequest03 at 11:42AM, Jan. 27, 2008
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It really depends on the width. Some monitors still have 600x800, so I wouldn't go any higher than 800. We don't want to scroll to the side to read your comic. Also, you make your comic's length longer, because it's okay to scroll down. About a few hundred more pixels would be okay.

My comic sizes are approximately 700 by 900.

Skullbie's right. It really depends on what kind of comic you're willing to do. But you never need to make your pages too big to comprehend.

This year, school's full of BS!!!
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The letter E at 2:16AM, Feb. 6, 2008
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Thank you all, think I have found a good balance now…
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shadowmagi at 6:01PM, Feb. 13, 2008
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In most of my pages, i use 11x14" paper. It's quite a large file on its own once all the editing is finished up on the computer, i change the size to 800 pixels in height. It allows all the text to be legible (mostly.. my writing sucks lol), and isn't so wide that viewers have to scroll to the side to read the rest of the page, just down.

(i like feedback~!)
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Mizukane at 4:42PM, Feb. 15, 2008
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Scrolling has its advantages. If you have something eye catching in the last frame, as comics tend to do, having a page too large for the screen will help to avoid reader's eyes being drawn to the it before they understand what it's about. Plus it allows reader's to regard every frame with care.

That was my take on the matter. This does not suit every webcomic of course.
I hope your pages size works for you.
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Doplegager at 7:32AM, Feb. 16, 2008
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Most of my work lately has been designed to fit into small corners of a local newspaper, meaning the print size is 4.25“x5.5” or less. I've noticed two happy side effects of this: 1) it's cheaper to self-publish (8 pages per sheet of paper!), and more importantly for this discussion, the pages fit nicely on computer screens. I think most of my comics have been about 425px by 550px. It almost feels like it's a format that was meant to be more popular…
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spacehamster at 1:00PM, Feb. 16, 2008
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Mine's in print comic dimensions, so there's no avoiding a vertical scrollbar, really, and I don't mind it on other people's comics as long as they're otherwise a comfortable size.
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Aurora Borealis at 10:45AM, March 7, 2008
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Printed comic dimensions here too, since that's my future goal, get printed someday :)

pages are uploaded with 1200 lenght, cause then the text is big enough to read itm while the 790 width makes it fit on most of screens. This is of course scaled down for internet, original pages are done much larger.
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Highwind017 at 12:37PM, March 11, 2008
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Well…Im no expert but it depends on what type of comic it is…If its a sprite it might be good to have it in 4 slots per page… (

however for me ive done my comic love and chaos comic with about 14 slot's going down, so the thing in size is about 800 to 2060 with 14 boxes… Im happy with it since it gives out more room to do stuff But yet some people might think its too big…)

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mattwandcow at 10:42PM, March 17, 2008
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I scale my images to 750 wide. GIMP holds the scale constant, so doesn't strech at all. I then post that. Heights are normally around 900.
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fourobs at 8:24AM, March 22, 2008
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big page 700x600
small page 700x800
DON`t %^%& copy

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