Group 10 - Hunchdebunch interviews I Am The 1337 Master of Pwnd Randomness!
skoolmunkee at 11:11AM, Nov. 2, 2009
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This interview is of I Am The 1337 Master, whose comics are: Pwnd Randomness, and assists on Waffle Bros!
(interview conducted by Hunchdebunch!)

1. So to start off with, how did you come up with the name Pwnd Randomness for your comic?

A: Around the time found this site I had begun to learn 1337 and act like a complete nerd by speaking both in 1337 and “idiot phrases” (like, totally, owned, dude). I started making a design for a comic, a stick figure comic since I had no scanner or skill on a computer with entirely different characters in it. I couldn't think of a title so I entered the first thing that came to my head. It fits now because I have named the female character Pawn and the comic is purely randomness on its own.

2. Do you really bang your head into trees to get your ideas? Because that sounds kind of painful lol.

A: Every now and then I may but It really is just a process of listening to my little brother talk for an hour or waiting for America to really F*** something up in its social status. Sorry for the swear there but it just fits with what I do.

3. So how did you come up with E. Mo? He’s kind of scary to be honest.

A: E. Mo…Well I don't exactly remember but he is pretty much based off me. I'm not that scary in real life but I do tend to have a pessimistic side to me every now and then. I just wanted him to be scarier and different from the others. Now that I think of it, he was probably modeled a little bit after the pink cat from VG Cats and Travis from Snafu. Not exactly but a little bit because he has that same responsible personality.

4. How did you come up with your style? I find it quite interesting really, the way they have circle heads and triangle/cone shaped bodies. Also, why do some of them have a cross or checked pattern on their face?

A: I was scribbling in my agenda book one day and that's what came out of it. I came up with different names to go with the patterns and personalities of the characters. Active is named because of how he looks like a fallout shelter sign and because he is spontaneous/sudden. Blank is named for his face having no colored features and his usually nuetral personality towards anything happening in the comic; I don't portray that well yet. Eathan Mo is as before the dark I hate the world guy.

5. I find the page, ‘Salty’ really funny, where did you get that idea?

A: Wow, back in the “paint” comics. That was when I was just thinking of a laugh for my readers. I had had a nosebleed that day, I have an issue with dry nasal blah blah, and disgustingly as it dripped into my mouth I said “Too salty.” Kinda weird, right?

6. Your page ‘Wee fat’ implies that you don’t like the wii fit, what’s the reason for that?

A: I don't hate Wii Fit, it hates me. End of story. .

7. This is a typical question really, but how long have you been making comics for?

A: On this site, ever since January of 2009. In total, ever since 3rd grade. I always have had a view for the funny in life and my art has always been how it is, rough but good enough, so gags got me going.

8. Following on from that, do you see yourself still making comics in, say, 10 years time?

A: I plan to do it but more as a writer for them. The Alan Moore (Watchmen) of the century. I am writing a few graphic novels, superhero and not at the time. One called Nightmare and another called Regenerate. That's just two but there are a few I'm working on with one of my close friends that I will release on the site.

9. How did you get the idea for the Death comics? Also, how on earth did Active survive his encounter with Death?

A: Death…I didn't really like that series of comics. I made them one night when I had no ideas for Halloween comics. Active survives because the will of the people make him survive. You'll have to wait till next year to see the next adventure. I've already started on it.

10. How come all the male characters are bald? I only actually noticed when I saw that the girl had hair lol.

A: It just looks better. I may change the art style in some time where they won't be bald but will still have their crazy checkerboard faces.

11. You also work on a comic with Azeth, called Waffle Bros. Where did the idea come from?

A: I can't really answer that one because I didn't come up with it, he did. I don't know where it is going because I haven't really talked to him about it. It seems to me to be a lot like Happyface Comics in style and until he updates again I will not.

12. In the authors notes on Waffle Bros you mentioned a new comic you’re going to work on called the Darksider. Can you tell us anything about this project?

A: I was hoping you'd ask. The Darksider is a project I'm working on with one of my friends. He's writing it and I'm doing the art. It is a modern fantasy tale of the dark side of a person after he is hit with a blast from a Wraith. That does sound a little weird but I can't release all the details now so the description I have given you will have to do for now.

13. Finally, is there anything else you would like to tell the Drunk Duckers?

A: Well first wold be to lay of the spirits. BA DUM CLASH.
To my returning Fans- Thanks for reading and enjoying my comics because I appreciate that some would rather have them well written than well drawn (for now).
To future fans- I hope you can find and enjoy these comics in their humor and well…is that it? Go “buckwild” and read em. Thanks.
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I Am The 1337 Master at 1:36PM, Nov. 2, 2009
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I am so awesome. Even though no one knows who the f*** I am. You will all PAY. Jk. Thanks for the interview Hunchdebunch. :D!
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Gillespie at 3:21PM, Nov. 2, 2009
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You learn a lot about the authors of DD. Good interview!
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I Am The 1337 Master at 4:24PM, Nov. 2, 2009
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Aw thanks for making me feel wanted Gillespie. My interview of her will be out tommorrow. It won't sound as
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Hunchdebunch at 6:44AM, Nov. 6, 2009
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This was a fun interview to do :)
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