Group 10 - I Am The 1337 Master interviews Hunchdebunch of Quest for Zanvadas and others!
skoolmunkee at 11:05AM, Nov. 5, 2009
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This interview is of Hunchdebunch, whose comics are: Quest for Zanvadas, Last of the Wilds, The Door, and others!

(interview conducted by I Am The 1337 Master!)

1. Q: What is your favourite comic that you have done, story and art wise, and why?

Well at the moment I would have to see either Last of the Wilds. I would say Quest for Zanvadas, but I don’t feel that I’ve done enough of it to say it’s my best story yet. I prefer the story of Last of the Wilds so far, but I prefer the art of Quest for Zanvadas.

2. Q: What other webcomics and people have influenced your style and art?

Well to be honest I’m not overly influenced by over webcomic creators styles, and I’m not really sure that I’m influenced style-wise by the print comics I read either, although I do get a lot of inspiration for backgrounds and settings for my comics from other peoples comics, and sometimes I may learn how to draw a specific thing (like trees) from how someone else does it. I learnt to draw trees from the comic, World Of Quest.

3. Q: How do you come up with the story to one of your comics?

It depends really, sometimes I’ll be reading/watching/playing something and get an idea from it and gradually develop it into something more original, sometimes I’ll just suddenly have a little idea that ends up growing and growing into a story, but usually my ideas come from weird dreams I have. The Door came from a dream, and so did Quest for Zanvadas. Last of the Wilds was inspired by a song of the same name, but was originally a silly film that I did with my sister using toy animals. We never finished it, but I came up with the storyline for the comic from the few scenes we filmed.

4. Q: What is the Quest for Zanvadas going to be about?

Well I don’t want to give away a lot about it, but basically it’s about Varin, who is a messenger boy but dreams of being a village guard on his home planet, and when his planet is attacked for seemingly no reason he goes to get help, but he ends up on a bigger adventure than he bargained for. Really, he thought he would pop over to a neighbouring planet and ask for some help, then come home. But then there would be no story, would there? I’d say it’s a little more mature than my other comics, in that it covers more themes, such as fear, betrayal, hope, and how one decision can make a huge impact on things.

5. Q: Will the Quest for Zanvadas end or be a continuing comic?

It will be a single story with a proper ending, but it will be left open for a possible sequal, like most of my comics. I like to keep things open like that.

6. Q: Why did you call yourself Hunchdebunch?

It’s a nickname that my sister came up with for me. She said I was walking like a hunchback, so she started calling me Hunch. The ‘De Bunch’ part came later, and was just because it rhymed.

7. Q: Are there future fanart contests for your other comics to come?

Definitely! I’m thinking of holding a fanart contest for Last of the Wilds next, maybe when it’s around halfway or three quarters of the way through the story. I don’t want to do it just yet, as it wasn’t that long ago that I held the fanart contest for The Door.

8. Q: What styles of art and stories do you like to read?

I mainly read fantasy, adventure, and sci-fi, because I just find things more exciting that way. I love reading about made up worlds and races, the supernatural, or really epic fantasy stories. As for art styles, it really depends how good the story is. I like most styles of art in comics, but I do have a problem reading comics that are in black and white. I find it hard to tell what’s going on sometimes, and I prefer colour anyway to be honest. Basically, if it’s got a really good sci-fi/fantasy/adventure story, and it’s got nice, coloured art, I’ll probably read it. I do read black and white sometimes though!

9. Q: Do you have any plans for some future comics?

I have so many ideas that sometimes I fear my head may explode. I have a word document just FULL of ideas, some completed, some half done, and some are just one sentence. Basically the finished ones just need scripts, and then I can start them. I only work on two comics at a time though, not counting Love Cat and Dark Light, since they are sort of like side projects and don’t have a proper update schedule.
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Gillespie at 4:11PM, Nov. 5, 2009
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Nice to see that you're still working away at the comics, Hunchdebunch!
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harkovast at 7:00PM, Nov. 5, 2009
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My only complaint would be that interview was too short!
Only 9 questions? I was enjoying that!

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I Am The 1337 Master at 3:12AM, Nov. 6, 2009
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No, I just couldn't think of a lot at the time and as always, came up with like 20 more afterwards. And we interviewed each other over an hour tops.
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Hunchdebunch at 6:46AM, Nov. 6, 2009
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I thought they were pretty good questions :)
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harkovast at 1:33PM, Nov. 6, 2009
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You should take it as a compliment Leet Master, I enjoyed the interview so much that I wanted a lot of it!

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I Am The 1337 Master at 1:46PM, Nov. 6, 2009
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I know, I know Harkovast. It's just how I am that I would say that. Anooying? Probably.
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