Group 10 - nako interviews ERasEr, of Mystery of the Golden Edge!
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This interview is of ERasER, whose comic is: The Mystery of the Golden Edge!
(interview conducted by Nako!)

1. First off, why the name ERasER? Do you have an affinity for the implement, is it just for fun, are you playing with our minds and it's actually read as “ER as ER”, or is there some other reason? Just curious, really. =^_^=

1A. It was years ago when I picked that name - I think it started off as a joke, one of my friends said I needed a cool gamer name so I kept throwing out jokey sounding ones, an ERasER erases the enemy ^^

2. You said in your profile that you're a writer and you write books for a living. So, what kind of books? =?_?=

2A. Well I write a mixture between Science Fiction and Fantasy. I write a book series called the Space Chronicles, which is basically a bunch of small series based on different people and how their lives and the things they do interact with each other.
Right now I'm working on a book called ‘The Immortal’ which is about the first frigate ship to leave Earth (called the Immortal)

3. I don't think being a writer sounds boring at all. It's actually one of my dream jobs ever since I was in, say, grade school. =*_*= How does it feel to be a writer? Are you proud of your profession?

3A. I am very proud of my profession, it's something I've wanted to do since I was old enough to hold a pen ^^ - The moneys not very good but at least I'm doing something I enjoy and who knows, maybe one day

4. You've been drawing comics ever since you were 8?! Wow! =!_!= I've only started when I was in 4th year high school and I definitely wasn't 8 then. Were your early comics any good, in your opinion?

4A. Well my early comics were just doodles in school, then I got to secondary school and I began to really draw comics. My first comic was called ‘The Funnies’ and consisted of a group of school students who defeated monsters, I finished school and the comic with over 200 issues

5. Do you think you've improved significantly in this current comic of yours, “The Mystery of the Golden Edge”?

5A. Yes I definitely have, I did this comic before but it was called ‘The Golden Edge Mystery’ so the Mystery of the Golden Edge is sort of a re-make.
The Golden Edge Mystery ended with about 70 strips and the first 4 episodes of a video series based on the characters and they are still up on youtube ^^

6. How did it start out, anyway, this current comic of yours?

6A. Well I went to college to do a computing course and I started doing the Golden Edge Mystery in my spare time, people enjoyed it and some of the strips got submitted to the college newsletter.
I started uploading the comic onto DrunkDuck and after a year and not updating very often I decided that maybe it would be more fun to do a video series and that ended with 4 episodes.
Then one day I got bored and drew up all the characters, and before knew it I was doing the Mystery of the Golden Edge.

7. How is it different from the ones you did when you were a kid?

7A. I think the only main difference is the way the comics drawn, I have definitely improved since I was in school but other than that I think my humour and situations are pretty much the same ^^

8. Okay, it's noticeable that Karl (from The Mystery of the Golden Edge) is your avatar, and you said (in your profile) something like when you moved on to college, you thought of something like “The Mystery of the Golden Edge”. Are you connected to Karl in any way, like he's based on you or something? =@_@= What about the other characters?

8A. Yeah Karl is based on me ^^ even the clothing, I always wear that black hoody it brings me good luck and the other characters are based on my friends

Above is a picture of me and Dave (the main characters) on a shoot for one of the episodes of the Golden Edge Mystery

9. Do you know/play Warcraft: DotA? Because it seems there's a reference to that in your other comic, “Defence Against The Apocalypse”. And you did say that you love to game. =^_^=

9A. I used to play WoW, but any reference is purely coincidental ^^

10. I noticed that in some pages in your comic, one character will look almost the same in all the panels. I don't think you copy/paste, since there are slight differences (at least I think so), so, do you really get to draw the characters almost the same way every time? I think it's pretty admirable. =^_^=

10A. I don't copy and paste, I guess I draw the characters so much that I can get them almost exactly the same almost every time

11. I guess that's pretty much all I could/want to ask. Any other words before we end this, like promotions for your comics and what games you would recommend to us? *=>_O=

11A. Yes, read the Mystery of the Golden Edge ^^ and as for games I have recently completed ‘Ghostbusters: the video game’ which was an awesome game, really fun. I'd recommend it.

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