Group 12 - mamaya94 interviews girldirtbiker of Light Within Shadow!
skoolmunkee at 3:40PM, April 11, 2010
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This interview is of girldirtbiker, whose comic is: Light Within Shadow!
(interview conducted by mamaya94!)

1. Introduce yourself

HOLA!!! my name’s Leslie Gomez age 18 and currently attending college for my bachelors degree in multi- media design with a focus-towards gaming. Hobbies well I got a lot of them. Anything to do with drawing or art I love it. (I’m currently being hired as a free-lance artist painting random murals every now and again or selling custom t-shirts/bags).I’ve also recently started getting into animation and have made a few short little films on YouTube. Then my second love being everything about music, writing, playing, listening you name it.

I also love sports (Dirt bike riding and soccer being my favorites). I have to admit though I embrace my inner nerd because I love playing video games (mainly old school since all the college debts are making me too poor to buy any new games ) I think the last new game I got was when I was 10 lol. Anyway I’m a very friendly person so ever want to talk I’m all ears =)

2. Why are you making it

Hmmm…you know too be honest I’m not all too sure ^^; Maybe it’s because I love to story tell, and I love being able to draw in out on paper and share it with other people. I guess another half of me though is hoping I can make it big one day with one of my comics..i can dream right? ^^;

3.Where do you get your story?

Oh man I know this might sound weird but I’ve had this story in my head FOREVER now! It’s actually a series of all these dreams I would have when I was younger so I finally decided to just start writing it down one day. Plus my awesome best friend would throw in ideas so she’s sort of like a co-author in a way.

I never really intended the comic to have a serious feeling though. I actually wanted Light within Shadow to be like a parody of all the clichés and stuff but have a certain twist too it. I’m not too sure if I’ve accomplished that but I’m hoping so as the comic goes on.

4.Which are your favorite character in your comic?

Hmmmm tough question, I try not to play favorites with my own characters, but I’d have to say I have the most fun with drawing out Zack’s goofiness and also Jack’s serious attitude all the time. It’s pretty funny drawing up a comic page and have those two completely different attitudes clash.

5. Is this your first time making a comic?

Nope! I started back in junior high, nothing special just like a newspaper strip kinda thing. My friends and random class mates loved reading my little comics. Though they sometimes get in trouble for laughing in class because of them lol. Anywho then started working on the very first version of “light within shadow” towards the end of my freshman year in high school (back then I absolutely hated coloring so they were black and white comics). Then drew up the sequel for it and then started making the second version of the comic which is what’s seen now.

6. Who’s your inspiration

My biggest inspiration is my big brother. If it wasn’t for him I might of never gotten into comics..or drawing for that matter. Basically started when I was 2 years old, I’d always watch him draw these amazing things and he’d read or tell me the story behind his drawing. Plus he had a pretty decent comic book collection ( DC and marvel to be exact)

7. WHat’s your dream?

For the comic well, I hope to get it published one day, and eventually when I’m a bit more advanced in the gaming industry possibly make a game out of it. For now though putting my characters into random situations in a short animation is enough for me. Though lately I’ve been getting support from fans to start up an animated series of the comic…..Depending on how the trailer I’ll be making soon goes then maybe…

8. Any awesome ending waiting for us like The Hanged Doll?

Oooo can’t really give too much away here. It probably won’t be such a crazy twist of an ending like hanged doll(or maybe it will) but I can say it will definitely go out with bang! =D

9.Ever heard about KOrea?

Yup I sure have.

10.Can you draw realistic version of all your character?

LOL yea I can. I actually thought about making this second version realistic looking, but I have wayyyyy more fun with drawing cartoony. I don’t really know how I can show you guys a realistic version of the gang in this interview though^^; I’ll have to post it up on day if anyone’s curious lol.

11.Obama like the Korean education system of Korea that lock up High school student 7AM~10PM.(In my case,It's a dorm school so It I'm locked up 24/7).WHat are you gonna do if Obama follow the system?

Does this affect college students? I just graduated high school last year…Saying though that I’m still back in high school I’d probably throw random parties..If I wasn’t allowed to do that well I hope I can still draw at least…Otherwise I really have no idea what I do lol ^^;
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Kroatz at 1:09AM, April 19, 2010
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Interesting interview, too bad it's so short though.
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