Group 9 - elektro interviews subs of GWO!
skoolmunkee at 6:09AM, Aug. 13, 2009
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This interview is of subs, whose comic is: WGO !
(interview conducted by elektro!)

-First and foremost, tell us a little about yourself

im a simple nobody from a small and weird place(Estonia). never had much so i spent alot of time just drawing something with a pen.. i supose for me it all started when i was around 9 and someone gave some old disney comics that were in foreign language. but i somehow got really facianated by them and i rember i started to simply copying them. and the rest is just some blur.. but i rember drawing a lot:P

-How did you find out about DrunkDuck?

i had created the first 8 pages of wgo when i knew i didnt have enough time to come up with creat storys but i really really wanted to get some good stuff out there. so i started looking for a writer, and then through someone i knew from net knew someone who had an account here.

-Who are your biggest artistic influences?

i dont think i actually have any. well ofcourse i know what artist i like and since i have observed them alot they have prolly influenced me in many ways without my knowledge. at some point of my life i was drawing alot of iron maiden eddy's so i quess Riggs. i love Paul Booths works ofcourse!

-What inspired you to make comics, and where do the ideas for a strip come from?

for a long time i was drawing just how i though was right and was just stuck eventually at some place, i didnt seem to get any better so i though ill go back to the basics and just try to learn on my own, and just downloaded some turtorials and then 1 was about how to draw comics.. it seemed interesting and i went throgh it and tryed and was very inspired from what came out.

-What equipment do you use to make WGO?

a very cheesy laptop that sometimes takes 5 minutes to save a file, then i have GIMP that doesnt like my laptop and crashes alot(but i appriciate that i can use that program).. and then i have my tablet yeh. made a big investment and it seems worth it so far.

-How long, on average, does it take to make a page for WGO?

depends really, (thats why so far no limits on uploads) work eats away most of my day and i occasionaly do some other projects on a paper, but not more than a week atm. i rember i once did 1 page with 1 saturday and it took about 9 hours

-Not really a question, but I really like the look of your later cartoons more as it looks more natural and hand-drawn.

yeh i was no idea what i was doin with the first ones, they were drawn in some other program actually. i had no idea where i was or am goin with this comic

-What are your favorite comics, either on DrunkDuck or anywhere?

when i was about 14 i used to love asterix. i went through theire books sooo many times and what i loves was that the artist had always put so many funny details in his pics that u didnt even saw the first few times u read it

-I saw at least one comic of yours that, in a way, was a shot at yourself. Have you thought about using more self-depreciating humor like that in future comics?

eheh that dey actually didnt look like me and i have never though about it. but i quess u can find a bit of me in most of the characters there.

-Finally, who would you like to thank for support of your comic?

since i presently live far away from my home and have no friends or family i can only thank myself for pushing myself, ofcourse my GF who doesnt mind, and few stranges who say i have talent. and ofcourse all of U in DD who have been (or even faked) interest in my stuff.

P.S. Thanks man for the interview, very cool questions take care
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Gillespie at 8:15AM, Aug. 13, 2009
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That was an interesting interview. At first I judged it was some kid with bad grammar, but once I started reading it, it appears that English isn't his best language because he lives in a foreign country. Oops. It was a good read!
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Little Swan at 10:57AM, Aug. 13, 2009
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Wow, Subs got an interview! That's cool, I really like WGO. Cool interview.
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