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Guest Artist(s) wanted for Bad Guy High Adventures!
theRedDeath at 2:45AM, Aug. 30, 2010
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Bad Guy High Adventures ( is a side-comic to Bad Guy High. It tells stories that might not fit within the main BGH storyline.

Now, I have two short stories in mind that I need artists for.

-One is an 8-page action/adventure story staring Captain Perfect (which ties into his appearance in “Crossoverkill” ). This is a high-pace story in the vein of Indiana Jones.

-The other is a 10-page origin story for SuperpowerGirl. It tells the story of how she was trained, given powers, and sent back in time. This would require an artist who can draw sexy/beautiful women.

I won't put either one of them up until you're all the way done, so you don't have to worry about schedules.

What's in it for you: In addition to getting a link in BGHAdventures, I'll also link to your comic from Bad Guy High proper. I'll also do a free comission for you, if that's something you'd even want.

If interested, tell me which story you'd like to do, and give me a link to some of your art/your comic.


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Miss Annoying at 3:27PM, Sept. 20, 2010
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If you don't already have someone doing it I always liked superpowergirl a lot so doing her story would be really cool :)

not sure how much you'd like my style and though most of the comics i have to show are actually really old so you have to keep in mind that i've developed more skills since then i can also show you my other art

my only question would have to be is are you looking for sexy realistic or just huge everything sexy? XD

Heres my deviantart account

and my team rainbow comic thats half cartoony

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Team Rainbow
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Paperspirit at 3:45PM, Sept. 20, 2010
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If you are interested in a more realistic style I'd be interested in checking out the scripts. I could probably simplify my art without too much trouble.

My work can be found here -

If interested PM me here.

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Genejoke at 2:28AM, Sept. 21, 2010
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I could be interested in the captain perfect one, I have a lot on at the moment but it is short enough, that and what you said about schedules makes it tempting. For the nearest type of art well click on the hero factor logo in my signature.
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