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Guest strip contest
Anthony Mercer at 6:09AM, Dec. 6, 2009
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DrunkDuck Poop is asking for five strips (by different people) for a week of guest strips in January. Just send a strip to gbbs_1, and, if we like it enough, we'll put it in the strip! (That's the only prize, by the way. We don't have enough money or generosity to offer anything else. XD) DDP is a sprite strip, but, as long as you use the characters, you don't have to put it in sprite form - actual drawings would be a welcome change! (If you do use sprites, make sure you tell us who made each sprite (if you know) so we can credit them too.) Also, the strip can be as big as you like, but please stick to the T+ age limit.

All submissions must be made before the end of 2009.
Don't take any of the above seriously. It is in my nature to joke.
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