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Hai guys:D
Mikk at 9:56PM, Jan. 13, 2010
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So I am, as you can tell, new here!

And i would love to have some friends here, and to join into the community and all that stuffs:)

So I am not quite sure what to say but, I am a female teen who stumbled across this site, and suddenly decided to make a webcomic. Its a great way to do the whole practice by drawing once a day sort of thing.

So my favorite food is chocolate fondu, and I love to read things that make me feel, weather it be laughter or tears.

Did I mention that I would like to have friends?? So yeah, you be my friend and ill be yours.

Love Mee<3
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Erad at 4:46AM, Jan. 14, 2010
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Welcome Mikk

If you're active on the forums, you'll make friends and a large community before you know it!

All the best
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Mikk at 4:41PM, Jan. 14, 2010
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joined: 1-11-2010

That means I can soon raise my friend count to take over the world!! MUWAHHAHAHAHA!

But nice ta meet cha<3
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