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Hand-drawn backgrounds
AQua_ng at 4:42AM, April 10, 2006
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Does anyone have any techniques/tutorials that could help me do simple but effective backgrounds. So far my backgrounds suck out loud.

Here's a bit of my work to let you know of my very low standard.

So, any help?

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Rina_ran at 7:56PM, April 10, 2006
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You can do what I used to do when I did all my comics on MS paint and stuff like that.

You already have the line in the center going horizontally. Think of that as your…oh…forgot the word…er…it'll help you with perspective.

Find a point on the line where you want everything to sort of come from. From there you can sketch some diagnal lines to show the image coming “towards” you. And the dot is sort of as “far as the eye can see” view.

Oh crap…I should just stop talking. First time I've ever helped anyone on perspected over the net.

I made two doodles on Paint:
-Basic layout. See the top as the sky/ceiling, the sides as walls and of course there's the ground. You can erase the middle line to make taller walls.
- Crazy colors… Use straight lines to divide stuff into doors, windows, tiles, etc. (but doing the top or bottom of anything, you have to make it slanted like the wall) remember that lines seem to be closer together as they get further. Slanted lines are for slanted things. So where the green is, I would make it to look like an uprising hill or something. I would actually show that by shading, but for the sake of the picture, there's lines.

Sorry I suck at explaining things. Hope you can get a little piece out of that, that may be helpful.

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Rina_ran at 9:08PM, April 10, 2006
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That's exactly the word. Thank you. X3

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tonik at 5:02PM, April 18, 2006
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just draw stuff in the background. Notich (badenglish) your enviroment, take pictures and use them as reference (that one technique). Tone your background color down a bit (from the hard to look at color (too bright?)). practice. thats what i can think of. good luck.
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