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Handy Color Guide Creator?
hpkomic at 3:54PM, Sept. 10, 2007
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I just found this off the drawn blog. Essentially, it just takes images you upload and makes a handy guide of what colors in particular it uses.

Normally when I'm working on coloring a comic page, I need to remember my swatches for characters, which can get to be a bit of a pain. With this, I could potentially have a single file that has the character colors as well as a reference image that I can use the eyedropper tool on. Unfortunately if there's a lot of super-complex shading, it may skew your results a bit, so if you do model-sheets and use this, I suggest just the basic colors and labeling the different selections in photoshop for future use. So try and keep it simple and leave shading out of it if you can since shading is more based on specific instances of lighting.

Here is what I did for my character Karma:

You could potentially use the CSS data to design a site based around the colors of your comic characters.

Anyway, thought you guys might be interested in this. Once again, the link is here.

Remember, the results aren't always great, but with a little clever effort, you might have something useful here.

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skoolmunkee at 9:52PM, Sept. 10, 2007
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Hey, that is pretty neat :)
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