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has a situation ever looked wrong
MediaMessiah at 12:47PM, Sept. 8, 2007
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sorry forgot to put something the first time

and by the topic i mean like
one time i was in my cousins room with a lot of my current age cousins
my older cousin said we could use the computer and he stepped out. So i went
to to show them the funny stuff. well we did this one where it read
which celebrity is this and they showed a picture of what looked like a naked female body. well at this point my older cousin walks in and looks at the monitor and starts yelling “i told you not to go to those sights” and everyone else is just making noise while i yeld “its not what it looks like”(i wanted to say this cause its very clique) and then i showed him what the flash was. after i clicked the screen it was some guys shaved armpit. check it out if you want
A hot kiss is like a loose spiderweb, someones fly is gonna to get undone
A democrat is someone who would be a republican if he had the money
A blond can be bad at history and great on dates
A golfer yells“FORE”, takes five, and writes down three
A brassiere is a device to bring out a girls best points
A husband is a man who gave up priveleges he never knew he had
Bad Sex is an oxymoron

if any of these made you laugh, grin, smile, or any happy expression read my comic
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maritalbliss at 3:05PM, Sept. 8, 2007
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I totally know the picture you are talkin' about and that is a pickle of a situation. I'm sure we have all had those “It's not what it looks like” moments, and if you haven't you will someday.

Once in high school, I has over at my boyfriend's house (who is not my husband. ) and I sat in an antbed. Not thinking, I pulled off my pants and panties and jumped in the pool, two seconds later, his mom came through the gate…Me pantless in the pool…She, 'till this day thinks we were doing something “fishy” in that water…Or were planning to, had she not shown up…Nope, just ants eating my bum.
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mlai at 4:40PM, Sept. 8, 2007
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Ever noticed how ants can hold their breath for a REALLY long time?

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