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Has anyone here ever tried to apply to grad school?
elektro at 11:36PM, April 30, 2010
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I know that some of the posters here aren't even at the point of being out of high school yet, but this is a question I post to the forums because I need some advice from someone who has also tried to do this.

I've been planning on applying to the School of Visual Arts' graduate program in New York for some time (it being the first school I want to apply to the most), but there is something that is currently hanging me up. I saw on a grad school guide website that they require their applicants to have taken the GMAT test before applying, but I have seen nothing reflecting that anywhere else, not even their own website. This is really bothering me, because that test is at least $250 to apply for plus it's a standardized test. Basically, I'm not even sure if I have to take this test to apply for an art school or not, and my plans have been further derailed.

Any advice, tips, or anything about this, as I have been searching for information about this grad school stuff on my own for months and I feel like a chicken with its head cut off.
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ozoneocean at 12:17AM, May 1, 2010
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Why don't you e-mail the student admissions office or administration or whatever and ask them directly? Or btter yet- ring them and ask?

When I did my post grad stuff I rang up as much as I needed to and also went down to the university and found out all about it in person. It helps that 2 of my friends were also doing it with me at the same time, so I had camaraderie and support. :)
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Joneko at 9:53PM, May 23, 2010
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My best advice would be to call the school. Never be afraid to ask questions. If nothing else, it shows that you're paying attention.
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elektro at 8:56PM, May 24, 2010
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A professor of mine told me of an MFA program catalog that has the requirements for the schools. I haven't heard from her yet about it, but I'm hoping she'll contact me again soon (I emailed her back a week or two ago).

Either way, the earliest date I could apply for is for Fall 2011, so I'm not in a major hurry, but I'm hoping to apply at least once before the summer ends so that I can continue to apply for some more.
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Jonko at 3:06AM, June 10, 2010
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I'd say that most grad schools will require you to take the test. I also applied to grad school once. Took the test and everything. But then, well I guess some people just aren't meant to go to law school :p
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elektro at 10:58PM, June 10, 2010
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I'd say that most grad schools will require you to take the test. I also applied to grad school once. Took the test and everything. But then, well I guess some people just aren't meant to go to law school :p

I've heard that some schools require a test while others don't. Since I'm trying to get into a graduate program in different art schools, I should think that a portfolio is definitely a requirement, but not so much a standardized test.
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usedbooks at 4:37AM, June 11, 2010
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I applied to veterinary school once upon a time. I had to go through a huge bureaucratic process, took a few tests, filled out novel-length applications, paid several hundred dollars in testing and application fees. Didn't get in, of course.

I then applied to grad school at the same college where I got my B.S. It was really not a complex matter. I filled out a single page form and wrote a very short essay about my goals (as required by the form). I had already taken the exams, which weren't any big deal (a standardized, bubble thing). My professors in the Biology department were my references. Plus, since I'd already gotten a degree there, I doubt they'd have turned me away. It wasn't exactly an exclusive school either.

I know nothing about art school, though. As ozoneocean said, ASK. The more direct communication you have with the school of your interest, the better you'll be received and remembered. Plus, you're almost guaranteed to find out the accurate answer (as opposed to polling random internet forums).

I know applying to vet school was ridiculously expensive. Everything associated with higher education is. College is the best guarantee you'll be in debt for a long time without giving you much or any increase in career prospects. :P (*Frustrated unemployed biologist venting.*)
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ImaginaryGirl at 1:27PM, June 11, 2010
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GMAT? Really? Not the GRE?

My advice is to contact the art department at the school you are applying to. SOmetimes schools and departments have slightly different requirements. This is confusing to say the least, but your department should want to help you sort it out.
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