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Has anyone used Manga Studio?
Meg Overhill at 3:09PM, Dec. 15, 2007
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I'm going to invest in some image editing software and I was wondering if anyone has used Manga Sudio. I was just going to download something free like GIMP but I'm have problems getting things to work on my Mac. So if anyone has had any experience with Manga Studio let me know. Thanks! =)
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SomaX at 3:54PM, Dec. 15, 2007
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I highly suggest manga studio. Of course I don't use it for my web comics since I switched to colour, but it's a wonderful program. The price is worth it just for the variety of tones that are included.
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JustNoPoint at 7:24PM, Dec. 15, 2007
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Manga Studio is a godsend for me!

I absolutely love it! I do everything in manga studio besides coloring. I color in photoshop.
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Meg Overhill at 1:20PM, Dec. 16, 2007
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Thanks for the input! Does manga studio not do color?
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angry_black_guy at 2:09PM, Dec. 16, 2007
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How many full color mangas are there when compared to ones with screen tone???

It doesn't have a color palette although it does recognize colored images. In other words, you can edit already colored pictures but your base colors are black… and white. You can export it in photoshop or painter format for additional coloring.

It's a good program for lineart. It doesn't have the wide variety of customizable brushes like painter does, but it's like… a 10th of the cost. MS automatically applies anti-aliasing to the lines and it has auto-smoothing options so even if you have a shaky hand you can get a real clear line. The auto toning is simpler than copy and pasting textures with photoshop and the user interface is simple and relatively clean so you're never rearranging menus and stuff.

Definitely worth the $40 price tag.

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Warpedwenger at 5:23PM, Dec. 29, 2007
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Im getting Manga Studio but its coming in the mail. I can tell you a great freeware I use is photofiltre. You should check it out.
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