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Has Anything This Unfair Happened To You?!!?
ShinGen at 11:07AM, Sept. 12, 2007
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Or just smack his backside and wink. If he likes you then he'll respond positively. If not he'll leave you alone and quite possibly fear you quite a bit.

Welcome to the academy of the 1337. Try not to get fragged.
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Signz at 5:00PM, Sept. 12, 2007
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i was emotionally abused for about a year…. put up with it. (no punches or anything. they mocked me endlessly)

last day i beat the crap out of the kids at the end of the day(seperatly). broke one kids nose. if anyone pulls some crap on me now it doesn't phase me i know what i can do and when i stay calm it pisses them off. Now i'm well liked by everyone as “that one funny guy who writes comics” Never have been bullied again. ^_^
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acadia at 9:17PM, Sept. 12, 2007
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Nope. Nothing bad ever really happens to me. =/ I was well liked all through my school years. Being smart helps. You volunteer to lead the group project with some of the people most likely to fuck with you later in life and they love you forever after that. I was actually one of the few who got along well with pretty much the entire school. Then again, that practice started to lose its potency once I progressed into my Junior and Senior years. I stopped caring about grades and the whole ‘lead the group’ thing wasn't my bag anymore. My reputation still seemed to be intact though. I'm rather friendly with all of the former school bullies to this day thanks to my smarts. It's honestly rather surprising that I wasn't abused more in school. I was VERY short (close to 5' most of my adolescent life) up until my Junior year in high school, had big ears, and was a pretty brutal smart-ass all throughout my life. People took a liking to me early on, i guess, and that feeling stuck.

It's probably my disarming smile.

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