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Has it all been done before?
Priceman at 5:50PM, May 15, 2007
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Dude, this almost made me spill my Rum & Coke when I read it:

Around my 15th page, one of my readers told me that my comic (up to that point, I think) reminded them of a manga they read. A few weeks later, whilst browing the local Barnes & Noble, I happen to run across said manga and purchased it. I'll be damned if the first chapter of the manga isn't almost a complete replica of my first 20 pages!! If you've read the manga then you know what i'm talking about. This is exactly what i'm talking about. Up until my 10th page, I stopped making a script and started doing things from my mind. Here I thought I was being totally me, but not only am I not; i'm being something that's already been published.

…..great, i'm gonna have to make a disclaimer on my next update.

And Lothar, that's too funny.
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maritalbliss at 1:48PM, May 16, 2007
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Yes, anything you want to say someone has already said it…Just find a new, more creative way to say it.
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isukun at 9:13PM, May 17, 2007
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That's part of the reason I think movies like “The Matrix”, “The One”, and “Riddick” did so well. They were truly unique and original concepts.

There wasn't really anything original about any of those movies. The Matrix likely took a lot of it's ideas from past books and movies. I can think of two I've seen from the 80's which had the exact same concept of the virtual world run by machines (unfortunatetly, I can't think of the names).

FLCL was original.

FLCL is the same thing. It may seem more original because it employs a type of humor and visual presentation unique to Japan which doesn't come out over here much, but thematically, it pretty much falls in line with past Gainax series. Same parent/child and adolescence issues we've been seeing since the 80's.

I don't think this is a relatively new problem, though. Every basic story type had been explored long before any of us were born. The problem isn't so much the amount of content out there, but the lack of variety in new content. We are distracted by a constant bombardment of visual stimulation which dulls our imagination. We have short attention spans and are easily seduced by current trends. We have a media which is constantly telling us how to think and act, making it harder for the average person to see beyond their personal vision of the world.
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