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Heavy Metal movie news...?
ozoneocean at 2:24AM, June 8, 2009
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Last we heard, Kevin Eastman’s new big screen Heavy Metal movie had a list of impressive directors a mile long: Zack Snyder, David Fincher, Mark Osborne (Kung Fu Panda), and Gore Verbinski (Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy). Eastman has said that three more directors would also direct segments on the animated anthology film. Since that time we’ve learned that Rob Zombie (Halloween) is in talks to join the mix.

But now our good friends at Film School Rejects have learned directly from Eastman that James Cameron has now come on board as Co-Executive producer, and will direct a segment. Cameron’s involvement is also notable because it pretty much guarantees that the film will be 3D. It was also revealed that Jack Black would be part of Kung Fu Panda helmer Mark Osborne’s comedy segment, although it was elaborated on if he would provide a voice, write, or even co-direct. Eastman says that the three other directors (one of which we assume is the previously mentioned Zombie), who have agreed but haven’t officially signed on, “are equally as jaw-dropping.” I do remember that Guillermo Del Toro’s name was initially on the list, but the filmmaker became too busy.
From here.

I didn't even know there were more Heavy Metal movies coming out… Seeing as the magazines are just collections of the work of different people, the first movie was a bunch of dodgy animations about various short comic stories and the second film was an animated fantasy Sci-fi thing with Julie Strain, what would new “Heavy Metal” films even be about?
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PIT_FACE at 2:05PM, June 16, 2009
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huh! i didnt know there was another one in the talks either. wonder if it'll make it. have no idea what it'd be about though since i havent caught up with heavy metal for a while. some of the more newer stories, im sure. though i didnt thing the animation in the first one was bad at all. i know i've heard someone else say that before, and really i dont get where that's coming from. the stories were hooked up kinda awkwardly,but eh. i thought it was pretty cool. but i'm goin in a direction here this doesnt need to go so i digres.

plenty of movies for me to wonder about, or maby even worry a little bit. heard there was also a new Judge Dredd in the talks, and Deadworld's getting new life in it, hell, that's been sitting on the bench for YEARS now. i don tknow. as long as Ceasar's entertained.
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ozoneocean at 1:20AM, June 17, 2009
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Heh, I actually sort of liked the Stallone Dread film. It wasn't too bad. Except for all the comedy crap, Dread was never about cutesy comedy and loveable sidekicks. And I had the feeling that Stallone was re-doing Demolition man… But I still thought he was ok.

I'd love to see new one though. :)
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Air Raid Robertson at 9:22AM, June 18, 2009
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I liked the first one well enough. The idea of John Candy as a horny robot always makes me chuckle. The animation in the movie was pretty good considering that it was made in the 70's. (Not exactly a good time for cartoon quality)

However, I think the South Park episode that made fun of it was about a billion times better.

I never much cared for the newer Heavy Metal movie with Julie Strain in it. A new anthology film might be good though.
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