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Hell in the Pipes: A story about plumbing, demons, monsters, and detectives, in need of artist
Vakanai at 9:09PM, Dec. 21, 2008
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Hell in the Pipes is my project to be after Flip's. Hell in the Pipes is about what happens when an unlikely gaggle of coworkers must stop an ancient god demon from remaking the world in his own image.
Johns-Jones Holistic Plumbing Services, Inc. is a front for a paranormal and occult investigations and extermination business. They are about to get their biggest case yet.
There are five and a half chapters in total (a half because of a mini chapter in the middle to give a small break from the crazy action).
Ch. 1: Underground
Ch. 2: The Confederate Submarine
Ch. 2a: Valentine’s
Ch. 3: The Bloodstopper
Ch. 4: Cipactli
Ch. 5: Crocodilopolis
Howard Fort: The strong, quiet man and one of the founders of Johns-Jones Holistic Plumbing Services, Inc. As a child he was a world famous kid detective. As a young adult, he was the world's first masked vigilante hero. However these adventures left the woman he loves hurt. He's withdrawn from the world, only coming out for work. The woman is Kristen Bell, she won't be appearing in this story.
Rabbi C. F. Burns: A part time worker at JJHPSI, Burns is the old grandfather figure in this group. A long life has left him wiser if not always happier. He tries to keep busy, and he feels that he needs this little job to help keep him fulfilled. He also plays chess afternoon every afternoon with his best friend, a priest (so he already knows all the ‘A priest and a rabbi’ jokes).
Maxwell Johns: Another founder. The muscle. Scary guy with the guns. He likes being the macho guy, but he does have deeper points. He has a large extended family, is currently dating and planning to settle down, and enjoys Celtic music and basketball. He dyes his hair red, but he's a natural blond.
Kelly Jones: Along with Fort and Johns, Kelly is one of the three founders. She is better at the business end of the job than the men. She is often paired with Howard Fort on cases. She is the only female of the team. She and her brother are both African American (she prefers just ‘black’ however, for complicated political reasons). She enjoys romance, and has a crush on Howard (it's unlikely though, Howard isn't likely to thaw, and this isn't one of those kinds of comics). She also likes hockey, cigars, and hunting.
Renard ‘Renny’ Jones: A (slightly) more civilized version of Maxwell. Max and Renny are often teamed up together, mostly for their mutual love of blowing stuff up. Burns is often sent with them, mostly to keep them from blowing stuff up.
Josh Steward: The new guy. Answered the ad for the job thinking this was a regular plumbing company. He was wrong.

If this sounds like it might interest you, with all the cast and monster fighting and such, please PQ me or respond to this thread. Ideally I would like to start after Flip's is over (it'll only be about 20-30 pages).
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