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HELP I'm so new to this!
Ice Princess at 11:38AM, Dec. 8, 2007
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Okay, I've got no clue on how to do anything. How would I add a character page or things like that etc…? please anyone help!
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Insanity at 2:30PM, Dec. 8, 2007
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That's a little vague, but I have the time!

Profile: To put in a profile, click on your avatar and once that link loads, click ‘Edit Profile’, and type what you want to.

Comic Controls:

Account Info:
Your comics: Editing Your Comics, and other things.
Comic Overview: If you want a new thumbnail for your comic, or a new title page. Descriptions, genres you can switch your comic to, changing the rating, and if you want a comic archive.
Comic Pages: This is where you go to update your comic. And you can edit comic pages here.
Homepage: If you want the DD stat-o-meter, click ‘Homepage ON’. Thats basically what the page is.
Layout: This is where you chose your homepage background and page background. You also choose the header design here.
Forum/Blog: This is where you create forums fr your comic (if you want them). If you want a blog, create a forum topic, and mark ‘Use As Blog’.
Files: This is the place where you can store comic files, like title page, avatar, thumbnail, etc. Just click on the Add File(s) to add files.
Stats: What your comic's ranking is out of all the comics and comic stories here on Drunk Duck. It shows you how many you get per day.
Receive Mail: If you want to receive an email every time the comic updates. If so, click Yes.
Recommended: If you would like people who see your Profile to see a certain comic, or comics, click Yes.

You can edit your forum posts by clicking the ‘Edit’ button.
You can also add a forum signature so that whenever you post, you have that up. You can use that to advertise your comic.

…Any questions?

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Luminous at 2:48PM, Dec. 8, 2007
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Ice Princess
How would I add a character page

To add a character page, you'll have to write it in Notepad (or another HTML editing program if you have one). This requires a bit of HTML knowledge. If you need help with HTML, then Lissa Explains is a good resource - it's aimed at kids, but it's really straightforward, easy to use and understand and really good for anyone of any age. Or you can post in the HTML help forum here on DrunkDuck if you have a specific question.

Anyway, after the page is written, you click on the “controls” button at the top of the page, then click on the name of your comic, then “files”, and then “upload a new file”. After it's uploaded, you have to link to it from your main comic page - which requires some HTML knowledge also, because you must use the raw HTML thing, not the templates (you can't edit templates, as far as I know). Or, you could just link to the new page in the author's notes or something on each update using BBcode (which would be {url=} just use [ straight brackets instead of { curly brackets).

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superboop at 12:31AM, Dec. 11, 2007
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Omg i also need this question but I dont get it
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DAJB at 11:39PM, Dec. 12, 2007
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If you're not that comfortable playing around with HTML (or almost completely ignorant about it, like me!) an easier way is to set up your Forum and create character pages there.

And, in time-honoured children's TV fashion, here's one I prepared earlier!

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