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Help me so i dont die.
Jman077 at 9:23PM, Jan. 8, 2006
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HI! Im J. Im new here. I need help. Ive drawn a lot of funny comics and i need to know what to do with them now. Im serious. I need everything. I wanna make my comic pretty much scan my pic, add text. I need help answering the fowllowing questions:
  • What should I be drawing with so that i can make very few touchups once i get my image scaned (at least until i get an ipen)
    What program should i be making touchups in
    What program should i be adding text in
    Is there an easy way to make word bubbles on the computer (I dont have a tablet or an ipen yet)
    What font should i use for my dialogue
    Would you like to donate to the “buy J a tablet, but not until Windows Vista comes out, but it will take at least that long to get enough money” fund
    Anything else i should know
    Pretty much I have a lot of thought but have no idea how to make it action. Oh, and just so you know, the comic is a stick figure comic, so no colors or anything. (Seriously, Ill stop drawing them on Paper as soon as i get an ipen or tablet.) Thank you.
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Black_Kitty at 9:36PM, Jan. 8, 2006
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You do not necessarily need an ipen or a tablet to do your comics, especially when you're doing a comic with very minimalistic art. Tablets and other tools will not dramatically enhance your comic. It's you yourself that will.

You can make word bubbles, add text and do touchups on pretty much any image editing program. If you're looking for a free one, try GIMP. If you're looking for premade word bubbles and fonts, try Blambot.

What font you use is up to you. I usually use Digital Strip from Blambot but other people may want to get creative with their fonts and try to match fonts to tone. There are a variety of different ways to make speech bubbles. You can make them on the computer by just drawing an oval and triangle or just draw them yourself by hand. You have to decide which you find easier.

Finally, I'm going to move this to the art forum. :)

.: Black Kitty :.
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mykill at 10:06PM, Jan. 11, 2006
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I'll echo what Black kitty says. GIMP is pretty hot for free software and will do everything you want. If your scope is limited to stick figures, a mouse is all you need.

If you want to learn photoshop - I believe there's a thridparty plug in for Gimp called “Gimp-shop” which remodels the interface to more resemble that of photoshop.
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Jenshin at 9:30AM, Jan. 14, 2006
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I draw everything in pencil.. Lines, bubbles, art, everything. ‘Cause it’s easy. And I'm lazy. And I color it in photoshop with only two shades. But it still ends up looking good. So there's no one right way to do things.

I've only ever used photoshop for text.
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PoisonedV at 11:13AM, Jan. 14, 2006
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joined: 1-12-2006 Its a tutorial for sprite comicing, but you could use soem of the text bubble stuff and modify the technique to fit your own style.
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