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Help with Character Continuity+ REVAMPING
DLMcomics at 2:21PM, June 8, 2008
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Hello. I have been making my little grocery store comic for years. It has been through a couple of different revamps. These are all on this site ATM and I'm thinking about switching styles.

Style 1-(The Corner Store Crew Lost Episodes, The Epic)
This was my first style, basically shading pencil drawings with shade sticks and NO art program help whatsoever.

Style 2-(The Epic Goes To Hell)
Using Photoshop I could now make a proper comic. I spent an outrageous amount of time making this and used Black and White only so I could learn more about tone along the way. I could use fonts finally. It was around 216 panels long.

*****After this I took a break from comicking, decided to get back into it, made a PG comic instead, and uploaded all my previous comics plus the new one.

Style 3
The Corner Store Crew as it's seen today. I like it for the most part but I do have trouble with character continuity. (sometimes a characters head is slightly bigger/smaller than a previous comic, etc.) I use a variety of backrounds ranging from very basic to complex. I use a thick outline on characters and lately I've not been outlining the backrounds, so that the foreground characters “pop out” more.

I'm also thinking about revamping once again. I might go a bit looser, so it takes less time to get my ideas out there. I still have more than a hundred funny comics written down, and it gets frustrating not being able to get them online fast enough.

SOOO…2 questions then:

1. What would help with character continuity?
2. I've revamped before, is it a good idea now?

I don't have an example of a new art style, but I'd still like an opinion. The art would take a hit, but I'd get comics out faster. Do you think that would be worth it? THANKS! SORRY I POSTED SO MUCH!

CLICK BELOW FOR CSC plus the older stuff!
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Meechi at 3:03PM, June 8, 2008
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Well…as you grow as an artist, your style will always change a little bit. I wouldn't change the characters drastically, just add what your style has developed to now, and apply it to your work.
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