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help with jumbled pages please
DomenX at 11:51AM, Oct. 6, 2010
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OK so I uploaded them in order, and it is the order is it supposed to be in the drop down menu, but sill the newest page is shown as the first page and my third page is not where it's supposed to be and oh my gosh I'm so frustrated I just wanna delete the whole thing. I've read all through the Help Forums and I've read about little arrows to fix this sorta thing but the arrows I know only change the drop down menu order. I honestly have been on this forever and can't figure it out-and it's still wrong when I view it. Please fix my pages or tell me how to do it.
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ozoneocean at 1:24AM, Oct. 7, 2010
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Unfortunately pages show up in the order that they finish uploading to the server. So if you upload 10 pages at a time, regardless of what order you chose to arrange them, whichever finishes getting uploaded first is in first place, the second in second and so on.

This is not how things are meant to be, it is a stupid bug left over from a previous site update and will hopefully be fixed soon.

In the mean time, the arrows WILL change the order of your artwork, but it is very slow and you can only move one place at a time.
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