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Help with Textures
Rich at 10:24PM, Oct. 31, 2006
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Tell me which one looks better. I'm experimenting with texturing my characters, and I'm not too sure which is the best looking. I'm kinda split between the classic plain colored one and the cloth one. The others look good too, but I don't think they look quite as good.

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Ayrisesiran at 6:43AM, Nov. 1, 2006
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Plain is nice, classic. Nothing wrong with it.
Textured Is a nice touch, but it makes their skin flesh seem flat.
Cloth Textured looks odd, because folds will cross over to other layers, also looking flat.
So, I'd say plain with Texture overlay works best. It looks nice and realitivly realistic. So Either version of the plain's are fine to me.
Altough, if you are going to texture, you can take another step and shade, making everything look fancy.

…Running with those in your jacket must hurt. You'd stab yourself in your leg so many times.
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Eirikr at 2:27PM, Nov. 1, 2006
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I'd have to say plain with textured as well. It just strikes a good balance.
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VegaX at 5:24PM, Nov. 1, 2006
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Textures doesn't really fit your artstyle. Plain is better.

Perhaps try some simple cellshading while coloring?

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subcultured at 9:29AM, Nov. 2, 2006
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texture them separaetly in realtion to light and shadows
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gigatwo at 2:37PM, Nov. 4, 2006
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Plain works best in my opinion, but it is a neat idea.
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Rich at 8:09PM, Nov. 4, 2006
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thanks for all of the advice people! <3! i think ill stick with the plain for now until i get some better textures, but when i do, im gonna try the plain w/texture overlay!
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skoolmunkee at 8:13AM, Nov. 5, 2006
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Is this some kind of kinder, gentler Rich…? :3
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kingofsnake at 7:44AM, Nov. 8, 2006
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I agree with alot of what was said. Your texture shots you use texture too much. You should add texture to just the hair and just the coat, or just the pants or something, you shouldn't texture every part of the picture, also on your cloth texture all of your texture is at the same angle so it looks more blatantly like a digital texture and less like it's naturally the texture of their coat.
for example
This is one of my newer comics with crayon textured backgrounds. I colored a blank piece of paper with a crayon, scanned it in , cropped it, and dropped it into the folder with all my other textures. In the kitchen for example the floor is colored in one direction and the wall is colored in another and the fridge is at yet another, that makes it look more like each section is individual and not that I just blanketed the whole thing. Also, although I don't do this with my crayon textures, you may want to try varying the size of the texture, ie how close it is to the camera, I have my crayons at the largest possible resolution so that I don't have that line at the edge of the layer because it's a scanned texture, and not one of the computer pre-renders, so it doesn't flow from one edge to the other. But the ones that loop, you may find that the ridiculously large works for one layer, but a 50% zoom works better for another. It really is just that you need to know how you want something to look, and to just mess about with stuff until you figure out how you can get it to look like that.

I operate in paintshop pro, it's a decent program, and except for a couple gradient options I can usually get it to do what I want. I recommend it for other poor artists like myself, cuz it's fairly powerful and only cost like 60$ barely more than the price of a videogame
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