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Help with title image
n_y_japlander at 9:12AM, July 25, 2007
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Before some one sayes “there is a thread for this” I have been waiting for an answer for a while, in the correct thread…
I up loaded a title image to my profile page no problem. how da heck do I get it on my comic pages and forums?!?!?!?

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Locoma at 9:09PM, July 26, 2007
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same way in the forum, both your profile page and your forum signature use bbcode. Click the “edit signature” in your posts and write the same code (something like http://theurlofyour/image.gif (without the spaces). For your comic pages, if you write the same code in your author's notes it will work (bbcode once again). If you want to attach it to your comic page that's a whole new story that involves templates and html code
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