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Help! Comic-Story?
Sayomi at 1:39AM, Jan. 23, 2011
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Well i've got this idea for a story, and I can't draw all of the scenes.
So I thought what about drawing lots of pictures and arranging them to fit with the text on the page to put on DrunkDuck? What do you think? Help!
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Genejoke at 8:57AM, Jan. 23, 2011
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Doesn't sound like a great way to make a comic I'm afraid, but by all means give it a try.

Personally I would try and draw the scenes, find a way to make them work with art you will only get better through practice. Maybe try and come up with a different story that you can draw to begin with as a practice run.
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skoolmunkee at 9:11AM, Jan. 23, 2011
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It sounds like you want to work on an illustrated story, which is perfectly valid. :] (For an example, see Arachnid Goddess, although that's rated M.) It's kind of a middle ground for people who have a story and want to do a comic, but for whatever reason don't want to or can't commit to making it fully as a comic.

The downside is that it will be harder to get an audience. People don't seem to find illustrated stories as nice to read as full comics. You'll also have to still try and draw things that are difficult for you. The illustrated stories that succeed are the ones which choose to show the most interesting or complex images they're able to which help enhance the story. A story which is illustrated with just people's faces talking or static poses, etc is not going to be very interesting to read.
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sama at 5:54PM, Jan. 24, 2011
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You could try, but you probably wouldn't get much better as a comic artist.
Illustration and paneling for a comic are very different, and if you aren't drawing outside your comfort zone or in perspectives you're not used to, you won't develop as a comic maker.

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Sayomi at 7:55AM, Jan. 26, 2011
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Thankyou, everybody!
I have decided to make a comic as good as I can - it sounds like people prefer comics.
Also, based on your advice, I might get better at drawing certain scenes.
Now I just have to keep going… *thinks of a new idea*
okay! I'll delete that and start the new one! :D
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