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Help! I can't stick to my comics!
Sayomi at 9:19AM, Jan. 23, 2011
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Okay, so i started off with my first comic, Kyoki and Nemuke, which kept on for like 20 something pages.
Then i had an idea for another, Wanted wings, which, after 3 pages, deleted of bordom.
After was Chameleon. I also got bored of that one, and it only got to like 3.
Finally, I had an amazing idea, Black Dreams, and spent a month or two drawing front covers and chapter covers and what not, but gave up because i couldn't explain the story well.
I won't go on, but i've had about 3 after that, and now I've got another - Blackfell!
But nobody will read it - people know that i'll just delete it within a day!
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demontales at 1:03PM, Jan. 23, 2011
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If you can see farther than the beginning, make a plan, and still feel like you want to do it, it's a good beginning. It's easy to start comics because it makes something new to do, and the start is often the most creative moment.

Do you have a message you want to tell? Characters that are almost true to you? Something that will make you feel bad if you let it go?
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Jake Richmond at 7:01PM, Jan. 24, 2011
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I've had similar problems. I'm not sure what the answer is. I have friends who have been drawing the same comic for years, and they tell me that they never really have a huge urge to start new projects.

I'm happy and excited about my current project, but I'm also only a dozen pages into it, so… who knows? I think the trick (besides simple dedication) is to create a comic that is full of the kind of stuff you like to draw. When I get the urge to jump ship it's usually because I want to draw something else.

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rmccool at 8:17PM, Jan. 29, 2011
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oh lord I always want to do something loads of new plots.. I wanted to do a story in Egypt.. I didn't start a new comic i had the dragon fly there.. wanted to do a space story we went in a portal and robbed a space ship.. I do new all the time..I'd get board doing the same stuff all the time..

if when I started I thought I had to do something epic I would of quit just thinking about it… Best advice I can think of start with at lest one character you like/love.. and write a short piece like 5 pages… not an epic.. got it.. do little stories.. just keep one common factor: same world or same hero..

understand that stories and worlds and heroes change.. the dumb kid and yellow dragon on page one of my comic is not quite the same dumb kid and dragon that are on page 1301..(I cant remember what page I'm on) the art changed I got better.. my characters are growing up..things happened to change who they are.. be flexible and let who you are seep in to the ink..

next I love Lan and warmwind summer and boo ect.. to me in many ways they are real to me.. (yes I am crazy) a lot of who i am.. and who I wish i was.. ends up on my pages.. when starting a new plot ruff I ask whats the worst thing that could happen to them and do that…

next set a deadline and keep it if you let it slide you will keep letting it slide.. and no comic will ever happen..

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Beelzy at 11:27AM, Jan. 30, 2011
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There's another reason why you might have difficulty continuing–you're too busy, or you need a break. Which is fine, because it doesn't mean you're jumping ship; you can always be motivated enough to come back later after the break.

I actually don't consider myself good at writing stories, but I started anyways because I wanted to show people that you can do certain things without being overly cliche, or to try new or different things that doesn't typically occur in a lot of comics. I realized that because I'm not a good storyteller, I might not get a huge audience, or that it may not even be a good comic at all, but there's no harm in experimenting and seeing if what I wanted to show people worked in it's own small way anyways.

When I get a newer, more interesting idea, I just compartmentalize it in the back of my head or write it down somewhere and consider it for sometime in the future when I've finished the first. I suppose this is possible because I never actually consider my comics in “episodes” like for a TV show; it has to end at some time, and for an experiment, it should be relatively short.
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shaneronzio at 8:49AM, Sept. 27, 2011
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Excuses feed the flames of Failure. Discipline is your only answer.
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Lopriest at 1:15AM, Sept. 28, 2011
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Don't post the comic until it's ready for ‘prime time’ is my advice.  I had a lot of bad starts to my comic, just trashed what sucked and kept the concepts I liked and started over from scratch, took like four tries before I had something I was happy with and could share.
b300mussolini at 6:02PM, Oct. 26, 2011
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sounds like you have the same problem i do. You come up with all these new and intereseting ideas and you want to move on from your old ideas and onto your new ones. i came up with a two solution for my problem and it might work for you.
1) role all these new ciomc ideas into one huge comic. if they dont quite link up then use a transtion plot/sub character (in my case summoner bunny (aka alter ego of my editor))
2) work with an artist. If your having this problem then most likely your a storyteller at heart and an artist second. i know this idea might not be as pleaseing to you as it was for me (can you say zero drawing skills) but hey this gives you two major advantages. A) you will have more time to make all your ideas fit togeather nice and neatly into one story. B) you have someone who you are beholden to make sure you meet your deadlines or face their nagging.
again this solution works for me. i have no clue if it will work for anyone else even if they have the same problem as i do.
 good luck Sayomi with all your comics

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