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Help! Someone has hacked one of my acoounts!
Glarg at 1:00PM, Feb. 14, 2007
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Well since my thread is no longer in the GD And i have no clue where it is now I'll just have to post it in here.

You all know Comicmasta. yeah? Talon just friggin hacked it. Could someone please delete it because he is attempting to ban me off this site which he is failing at (horribly if I may add) And please Talon, if you are reading this, stop being a fag.

Thank you
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skoolmunkee at 2:53PM, Feb. 14, 2007
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I froze the account so he shouldn't be able to do any more damage.

You can PQ an admin too rather than making a discussion board post about it. :) Just check the bottom of the main forum page (where all the forums are listed) to see which admins are online at the time.
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