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josif at 5:04AM, Sept. 23, 2006
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For the last year or so Ive been drawing on my pc and I'm getting better really fast but while my computer drawing skills have got better my paper drawing skills are slowly getting worse, what should I do to get my drawing back to normal?
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Aurora Moon at 6:58AM, Sept. 23, 2006
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put the same amount of pratice you do on the pc only on paper. that keeps things from getting too rusty.
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Mark at 7:34AM, Sept. 23, 2006
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well, practice mainly, keep doodling in classes and your paper drawing skills should be fine
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nerdsareinvading at 10:29PM, Oct. 7, 2006
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i suggest that you practice both equally

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kingofsnake at 7:31AM, Oct. 8, 2006
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I'm going to go out on a limb here and say practice your pencil drawing skills a whole lot less.
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