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helping defend your freedom (well, if you're american. sorry china)
Orin J Master at 7:51PM, Sept. 18, 2009
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ladies and gentlemen, as you may well know the US patriot act was one of the most totalitarian bills passed by the bush administration. granting broad, ill-defined and most importantly unconstitutional powers to the government it's been the single greatest threat to the average american's rights and freedoms since the revolutionary war. However! A recent proposal by some of congresses more sane-minded members seeks to rein in the blatant misuse of power it represents.

what is this?: the justice act is legislation that would rewrite the patriot act to remove it's ability to grant unchecked powers over surveillance, restrict how it gains information (read: only legal evidence can be collected) and protect the privacy of law-abiding amercians that this bill previously denied. it also removes the retroactive immunity telecom corporations have to any crimes the committed while carrying out the requests made during it's unlawful surveillance.

wouldn't it be easier to get rid of the patroit act then?: sorry, but there's far too many assholes that are convinced that freedom only belongs to the people in power that are backing it to have a reasonable chance of pulling that off. democracy involves a lot of concession, unfortunately.

is there anything i can do?: yeah, if your senator helps get this up, send them a letter of support. if they didn't, send them a letter telling them about it and that they should support the hell out of it.

yeah, i can be a real shill sometimes. but really, i figure a mpre positive topic OP was in order with all the nihilism and negativity lately.
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