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Hey : D
Jack at 9:57AM, May 11, 2006
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Hey people behind the screen : D

Before i tell about Pretty little me, I will make a warning.
I'm little, (did i say that before?) and Danish…
soo, i kind a, Suck at english -_- i case you dont know what i'm saying, then.. ask me X3 or live with it , Mwuhahahahahh!

Well, My name is Ditte, And its also jack.. but, eh, Jack is my bad half..
You know, the mean me… heh, (weird Oo?)
I do work on a comic, with jack and one of my best freinds as the characters.. but as i said, i'm working on it.. soo, i dont really have it up yet… and i'm slow because i did eat my “Muffin Of Inspiration”
Well, i dont have more to say.. ask if there is any questions.. and i will try to answer them : D
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Podunk U at 12:32PM, May 11, 2006
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Hi jack.
Words flow out of my mouth like a fountain. Much of it splashes unused on the ground, but when one chooses to take a drink, it often brightens their day. However, sometimes it tastes like piss and they say, “Bob your words taste like piss” and I am sad.
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stardusty at 11:57PM, May 11, 2006
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Muffin of inspiration.
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Anonymous at 3:42AM, May 12, 2006
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I'd say for sucking at english you're pretty good. And please explain the muffin of whatever thingy. And where can I get one?
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Jack at 11:56AM, May 15, 2006
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Mwuha… I'ts a little silly muse i have..
It do have wings. : D
“Muffin of inspiration” is just a thing i made up in my sick mind to blame some one when i cant draw, Do my homework….. or anything like that…. Just blaame the muffin ; D
Made by, PsycoThings… Oder know and never fell bad again :D
Beware: Its damn tasty..
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