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hey DD I think your stat tracker is broken
Toraneko at 6:38AM, April 26, 2009
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I just launched my comic on the 24th and apparantly it is already

stat tracker
#1,740 in Comic Book/Story #2,469 Overall

I seriously think there's something wrong there, unless I can care to hope for the better answer.
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ozoneocean at 7:00AM, April 26, 2009
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Nothing is wrong there.
I'll give you an example of what it means:
Say there are 24 comics on the site, 18 of them story comics and 6 of them strip comics. Your comic comes along as a new story comic, making the total 25 comics overall and 19 comic stories.
Very quickly your comic is rated 14th most read overall and 10th most read story comic; that would be because some of the comics already on the list haven't been updated for ages and get no viewers and some haven't even got a single page.

Now apply it to the real situation: There are a few thousand comics on the site. Very quickly you'll move up in the ratings initially because of all the comics that no longer update and those with no pages yet, but soon that will level out depending on how many readers you get.
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Toraneko at 9:39AM, April 26, 2009
posts: 34
joined: 4-8-2009
Ah, thanks for clearing that up!
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Gillespie at 3:49PM, May 21, 2009
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Yeah. Starting out while watching the stats is pretty surprising, then it sllloowly climbs. And tends to fall depending on the amount of your visits.
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